2013 Goals

Here is your chance to become publicly accountable for your 2013 fitness and wellness goals!  We’re running out of space on our white board, so I am asking you to rewrite your goals here.  Make sure your goals are measurable & quantifiable.  Force yourself to make objective, measurable goals (ie, don’t say “get stronger”, “look better naked,” etc.).  Instead, set goals like: a sub 5 minute Fran, a 20 min 5k, a double body weight back squat, get a muscle-up, lose 10 pounds, or to gain 10 pounds, etc.  Also, make goals that are “stretches,” but still within the realm of possibility for you.  For example, if you are 55 years old, weigh 135 lbs, with a deadlift PR of 200 lbs, don’t set a goal of getting a 600 lb deadlift.  It should be something that you can achieve or come close to with diligent effort.  If you need help setting goals, ask a trainer to help you out!

Post your goals in the comments section below.

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  • Dan

    I’m finally mostly recovered from wrist surgery, shoulder issues, and knees almost destroyed by rheumatoid arthritis, so most of my goals involve getting back to where I was.
    Dan MacDougald 2013 Fitness Goals
    (current numbers in parenthesis)
    100 kg 5 rep back squat (74kg)
    25 pull-ups (10)
    50 push-ups on paralettes (10)
    muscle-up & consecutive muscle-ups (0)
    10 non kip ring dips (1)
    85 kg 3 rep front squat (63)
    70 kg 3 rep OHS (?)
    50 consecutive double-unders (1)
    400m run in 75 sec (?, haven’t run in 2 years)
    140 kg 1 rep deadlift (?, 110 for 5)
    55kg 5 rep shoulder press (44)
    Big Hairy Goal:
    Front Lever

  • Rob M

    Finally mostly recovered from nagging knee issues.
    Most importantly:
    Fix techniques that endanger my knees and back.
    Stay healthy.
    Fix diet.
    Get Huge:
    125kg Snatch (112kg)
    140kg Clean & Jerk (128kg)
    145kg Clean (132.5kg)
    155kg Front Squat (140kg)
    182kg Back Squat (152kg)
    228kg Deadlift (205kg)
    Learn to kip HSPU
    Maintain metcon:
    Sub-4:00 30 Muscle-ups
    Sub-12:00 Angie
    Sub-22:00 5K

  • Andrew bayles

    “Girls” goals:
    sub 2:00 Grace (2:30)
    sub 2:30 Fran (3:16)
    25+ round Cindy (25)
    110 kg Snatch (98)
    130 kg C+J (120.5)
    180 kg Backsquat (160)
    325 lbs Benchpress (300 lbs)
    20 strict hspu (11ish)
    15 unbroken muscle ups (11 or 12…)
    freestanding hspu
    Awesome person goals:
    back tuck
    human flag

  • Leah P

    Snatch 70kg (66kg)
    C&J 91kg (79.5kg)
    10 consecutive MUs (7)
    10m handstand walk, consistently
    ** improve MUs in metcons
    Sub 8:00 Amanda (8:47)
    Sub 8:00 Nasty Girls (8:48)
    Sub 2:00 Grace (2:04 PR, but most recently 2:14)
    Sub 2:15 Fran (2:35)
    PR Mile Run (6:11)

  • Erika Loupee

    I’d like to feel like I did in high school… before I gained the Freshman 20 in Tech dining halls.
    CF goals:
    Sub 8 minute mile
    25 consecutive kipping pullups
    10m handstand walk
    5 consecutive hspu
    Complete Fran Rx
    Oly goals:
    Snatch 55kg (49kg)
    C&J 65kg (57.5kg)
    Lift at Collegiate Nationals 2013 and beat placement (5th) or total (98kg) from 2012
    Deadlift 105kg (91kg)
    Backsquat 90kg (in the high 70s somewhere? can’t remember)
    Crazy goal:
    Back tuck burpees.

  • Chris Schmitz

    310+lb Deadlift (225)
    240lb Back squat (195)
    165lb OHS (125)
    7:20 mile (8:30)
    25 kipping pullups (16)
    185lb C&J (160)
    150lb Squat snatch (125)
    25 Double unders (4)
    Take diet to “next” level (measuring food, better planning, more strict)
    Unsupported handstands
    6 Butterfly pullups (0)
    6 pack (0)
    And a freaking muscle up (0) – not sure what a good numerical goal is here

  • Ayeong

    2013 Goals
    1. Have fun and not worry about times and weight
    2. Increase upper body strength is KEY for 2014 goals
    3. Complete at least 2 free handstand walks
    4. Made myself LOVE rowing
    5. Make myself LOVE snatches and overhead squats
    6. Beat Way Joe in max DU …. KIDDING!
    7. Stay focus and fix fundamental techniques
    8. Develop a better coaching eye
    9. Run more
    10. Learn how to do burpee double unders without hurting myself

  • Giselle Bell

    Do every/any WOD rx,and compete in AT LEAST once competition as an individual rx.
    This Means:
    Get a MU.
    String Multiple MU
    Do MU’s in a full WOD
    Learn kipping HSPU
    Get strict Dips
    Heavy snatches (95#+)in a WOD.
    Work on TTB

  • Tammy Levine

    2013 Goals
    1. Improve technique on olympic lifts especially on Snatch,OHS,C&J,Hang Squat Clean and TRY not to get frustrated with myself if I can’t lift heavier weights at first
    2. Attend the morning weight lifting course 2x a week
    3. 1 Pull-up with no assistance
    4. Learn kipping
    5. Jump on a 30 inch box
    6. Improve rowing technique
    7. 225lb Deadlift (185)
    8. 165lb Back squat (135)

  • Andrew Gibson

    Of course I really just need to get better at everything and it’s hard to try to list all the thing I’d like to get better at…but the following is what I think about more than the others:
    1. Stringing 5+ muscle ups
    2. 450lb Deadlift (375lb)
    3. 245lb Clean (185lb?)
    4. 285lb Back Squat (235lb?)
    5. A less pathetic Snatch
    6. Handstand walk
    7. Sub-5:00 Fran
    8. 20 round Cindy
    9. Get better at running

  • Marsh Lunati

    Focus on OLY lifting technique
    Improve diet
    Get big
    1. Snatch: 85kg (62kg)
    2. Clean: 100kg (85kg)
    3. C&J: 90kg(70kg)
    4. FS: 130kg (110kg)
    5. BS: 145kg (125kg)
    6. PP: 80kg (67kg)
    7. DL: 185kg (160kg)
    Butterfly Pull Ups (8 unbroken, cant do em now)
    Bar Muscle Up
    String 8 Muscle Ups
    Isabel RX

  • Mackenzie Morris

    90kg C&J (79kg)
    62kg Snatch (54kg)
    Sub 3:30 Fran (4:30)
    Sub 2:15 Grace (2:42)
    Sub 3:30 Diane (4:00)
    Complete Amanda Rx and sub 12:00
    Complete Nasty Girls Rx and sub 15:00
    5 consecutive MUs (2)
    CTB butterfly pullups
    Sub 7:00 mile (7:31)

  • Mackenzie Morris

    Oops…forgot one.
    Top 100 finish in 2013 Open (for Southeast Region)

  • Janee LeBow Glidewell

    Snatch 55kg(50)
    C&J 70kg (60)
    Front Squat 91kg (80)
    Back Squat 100kg (92.5)
    Sub 3:00 Grace (3:26)
    Do ALL HSPU and MU workouts rx (without failed dips)
    Butterfly CTB’s
    Do 30 MU for time
    Stop being such a wimp and get more aggressive!
    Lock out my elbows!

  • Alvin Chen

    Focus on SMART and SAFE strength + oly lifting:
    Snatch: 110 (93)
    Clean & Jerk: 135 (115)
    Clean: 145 (132)
    Front Squat: 155 (132+?)
    Back Squat: 190 (170)
    Deadlift: 200 (160+?)
    Grace: Sub 2:30 (4 something)
    Fran: Sub 3:00 (??)
    Consecutive non-false grip MU

  • Irena Politzer

    1. Improve technique on lifts, especially knowing when to breathe
    2. Learn how to do kipping pull-ups
    3. 1 strict pull-up with no assistance (0)
    4. 8 unbroken DUs (3)

  • Christie Densmore

    1. My number one goal is improving my nutrition and therefore hopefully my health, getting back my energy.
    2. Run a 9 min mile.
    3. Front squat 120 pounds (this would be a 15 lb increase from my best 1-rep about a year ago).
    3a. Squat without a coach saying: Lift your chest up, Christie! 🙂
    4. Do a strict pull-up.

  • Lisa Teer

    1. Get back to paleo eating after falling off the wagon.
    2. Participate in the Open again but also do another competition
    3. 95 lb snatch.
    4. Handstand walk
    5. Butterfly pull-up
    6. Bar MU
    7. Kipping MU instead of strict
    8. 50 unbroken DUs
    9. Improve all technique
    10. Get back to yoga with Mandy

  • Giselle Bell

    Ok when I posted my goals originally I was coming off of a competition high, haha, so here they are, with a little bit more structure. All of my 2013 goals focus on gymnastics and strength:
    Get CTB pullups
    Get Bar MU
    Get MU
    Unassisted Ring Dips
    Kipping HSPU
    60K snatch (52k)
    80k C&J (68k)
    113k Front Squat (86k)
    136K Back Squat(110k)
    160k Deadlift (132k)

  • GreatScott78

    SPM’s 2013 CrossFit Goal:
    Have fun and stay injury free/healthy.
    I’m sure I have more but this is all I could think of at the moment.
    Improve snatch and clean & jerk technique
    Snatch 100kg+ (70kg but it’s not consistent)
    Clean & Jerk 120kg+ (102kg)
    Front Squat 160kg+ (137kg)
    Deadlift 226kg+ (181kg)
    Back Squat 204kg+ (160kg)
    Bench Press 150kg+ (110kg)
    Strict Press 84kg+ (70kg)???
    Fran time from 5:04 to 3:00 or less
    Helen time from 9:01 to 8:00 or less
    FGB score from 292 to 400+
    Diane time from 4:23(I think) to 3:00 or less
    Grace: sub 4:00 (4:34…I think)
    Cindy 20+ rounds (18)
    Improve Flexibility
    String together the following bodyweight movements:
    5 Strict Muscle ups (2)
    15 Muscle Ups (7)
    10 Bar Muscle Ups (4)
    Consistent Butterfly Pull Ups (?)
    Endurance: (I’m close to these numbers but I don’t know my exact times)
    Run the following time
    :58 – 400m run
    5:30 – Mile
    20:00 5k
    Just for fun:
    Handstand walk from the from front desk to garage door in the weightlifting area
    Human flag
    Iron Cross…hahahaha

  • April

    Snatch 50k
    C&J 65k
    Dl 125k
    OHS 65k
    Back Squat 105k
    Front Squat 91k
    Met Cons:
    sub 10 Karen
    sub 10 Elizabeth
    sub 5 Fran
    sub 4 Grace
    sub 8 Annie
    sub 25 5k
    Do Isabel RX
    Bar Muscle-up
    Faster Pistols
    Further Handstand walk
    Back Tuck ?
    Get down to 18-21% Body fat and/or lose 10#
    Complete the Sprint Tri in March (500m swim, 10 mile bike, run 5k)

  • Bcoston19

    Stringing 3+ muscle ups
    345lb Deadlift (310lb)
    210 lb Clean (185lb)
    245lb Back Squat (210lb)
    155lb Snatch (more than anything improve technique)
    20 Linked HSPU
    7 minute Fran
    275 FGB under
    21 min 5K
    Under 6 min mile

  • Charley

    1. Continue to improve my nutrition
    2. 8 minute Fran Rx
    3. Do an unassisted pullup (strict or kipping)
    4. Get double unders
    Other: Get body fat to 20% or below.

  • Jeremy Jackson

    -Learn to run 3 miles in under 30 minutes.
    -warm-up before metcons
    -stretch and more mobility for my lower back
    -118kg snatch (107)
    -155kg Clean (143)
    -215kg backsquat (195)
    -185 kg front squat (170)
    -250kg DL (231)
    -140 C&J (125)
    Get better at:
    KB swings
    GHD situps
    Get on the damn board for any of the damn girl workouts…

  • Kylie

    Clean and jerk 84kg (currently 77kg)
    Snatch 61kg (56kg)
    3 consecutive muscle ups (1)
    Complete Amanda and Nasty Girls Rx
    Sub 3:00 Fran (3:30ish)
    Sub 2:00 Grace (2:24)
    Sub 4:00 Isabel with squat snatches (6-7ish)
    10m handstand walk consistently (stole this from Leah)

  • Jw

    Stay injury free.
    200# snatch.
    250# clean and jerk.
    350# dead lift.
    6:00 Fran

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