Beyond the Whiteboard Workout Log

CrossFit Atlanta strongly encourages everyone to keep a workout log.  All members of CrossFit Atlanta have free use of the web based workout log, Beyond the Whiteboard (BYW)  To participate, follow these steps:

Method 1. 

Send an email to Dan
([email protected]) and ask to be added to BYW.

Method 2

1.  Go to sign up page for Beyond the Whiteboard.

2.  Fill out all the information, and authorize payment through Amazon
Payments.  You can use any credit card.  Don’t worry, you won’t wind up
being charged anything.

3.  When you first sign up, you will be automatically added to the BYW
site.” Find CrossFit Atlanta in the “Gyms” link in the header and click
on it. Then click on “Join CrossFit Atlanta” located near the upper
right hand corner of the page, and wait to be confirmed as a member.
Once you are confirmed, you will be placed in that gym. After you make
your first post, your the CrossFit Atlanta page will become your home
page, and your credit card will not be charged because CrossFit Atlanta
is paying for the service.

Questions?  Start with Beyond the Whiteboard’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

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