Friday, April 16, 2010

CrossFit ATL 4602 Richard gets it overhead

Workout of the Day

Trainer's Choice

Heart Failure Treatment May Change"
by Lorie Johnson – CBN News

O lift classes are canceled today. Our instructors are traveling to a competition.

BBQ at the gym at tonight at 6 PM, with some salad from Urban pl8! BYOB.

Weekend Events

USA Rugby Men's Division 1 Collegiate Playoffs, Round of 16, Eastern Regionals.  Life University, Marietta, Ga, April 17-18.  Participating teams: Cal, Tennessee, Army, Penn State, LSU, Texas A&M, Utah, UCLA.  Play runs 10 AM to 6 PM Sat, 9 AM to 5 PM Sun.

Affiliate Team Challenge, Woodstock, GA.  Saturday, April 17.  CF ATL will enter 2 teams. 

Stretching with Thumbelina class 11:45 AM Sunday

CrossFit ATL 4587

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  • Bethanie

    do I always stand like an asshole!!!??? Richard has an awesome push jerk, especially considering that his arms are so long! Good work Richard!
    Team workouts tonight followed by our bbq. Bring whatever you want to throw on the grill and sip on. Betsy was kind enough to offer to bring us some salad…stop by her brunch this weekend to thank her!

  • Tia D

    little miss sassy pants

  • Danya Levine

    hey how late do you think the BBQ will go ? I have braves tix tonight – but we’re thinking we might do a drive by after .. since the gym is on our way home .
    PS girl if I had your legs I would stand like that every day!

  • peterbassi

    The answer is yes.

  • MikeG_CFATL

    I agree!

  • RobertA

    Bethanie…im very disappointed in your posture in this picture. Thumbs out and scalpula together.

  • peterbassi

    Row 1600m (6:19)
    Rest 3 min
    Row 1200m (4:46)
    Rest 2 min
    Row 800m (3:03)
    Rest 1 min
    Row 400m (1:25)
    Not surprisingly my legs gave out long before anything else did. The workout was supposed to be running but I still can’t run. Felt good to do some rowing though. Kept the resistance at 7.

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