Friday, April 29, 2011

2011-04-283607 After 11.6

Workout of the Day

Row 2K

Charles Barkley teased about CrossFit on TNT.  Funny as hell, and lots of great publicity for CFNA

Dead On, by Chris Mason.  Chris Mason offers a program designed for CrossFitters who want to improve their deadlifts without compromising overall fitness.

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  • Andy L

    Last night we had our inaugural Crossfit Atlanta bike ride. We rode Atlanta Cycling’s Monday recovery ride – it’s a 20 mile loop through some of Atlanta’s most beautiful neighborhoods. There are some challenging climbs and some rocket downhill’s where you can hit 30+mph in the drop and recover from the climb.
    If any of you Crossfit cyclists are interested in weekly ride, let me know. We’re open to other routes and neighborhoods.
    Thanks MoMo for organizing.

  • Andy L

    P.S. We have a no drop policy and you must have proper saftety gear.

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