Friday, August 15, 2014

2014-07-0311623Brandon Cunningham with Mike G.  Check out Brandon breaking American record in 500 row on C2 at 1:17.2 – [video]

Workout of the Day

If you’re competing in the Double Trouble competition tomorrow (Saturday), do the following:

4 rounds:
500m row
Rest 3 mins

If you aren’t competing Saturday, do the following: 
OT2M for 8mins (5 sets):
3 heavy deadlifts

3 rounds:
10 CTB pull-ups
10m front rack lunges (155/105#)
10 TTB
10m front rack lunges (155/105#)

PSA: Don’t forget that we will be closed this Saturday (8/16) while hosting the Double Trouble competition. Be sure to come out and support if you aren’t competing or volunteering!

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