Friday, August 20, 2010

CF ATL 0854

Workout of the Day


50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:


WOD Demo with Dave Castro with GHD sit-ups – video [wmv] [mov]

The legions of marketing mavens hawking running shoes will tell you a
heel strike is safe with their shoes on, but some scientists happen to
vehemently disagree. The controversy over this subject can be as heated
as the ideal-diet debate. Dr. Daniel Lieberman is a professor of human evolutionary biology at
Harvard University and an avid runner. His research on human evolution
and accident prevention has led him to believe in—as well as utilize—the
forefoot running pattern.

"Stomping on the Heel Strike" with Dr. Daniel Lieberman, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Yippee! Cost of Government Day was Aug 19 this year, and is now behind us.  Per Americans For Tax Reform, the total cost of government at local, state, & federal levels is now 63% of national income.

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  • Bethanie

    Hi all!! If you’re on facebook and haven’t “liked” us yet…please do so!!! Also, please suggest us to your friends. We have the most fans out of all the crossfits in ATL and I want to keep it that way….it would be cool if we could get to 1000 soon!!

  • CrossFit Atlanta

    Check out the updated page for FGB 5!!! (Link is on the right hand side). Donate now, and mark your calendars for this fun event. They gym will be closed that day because we will all be up there for it!
    Also, make sure you are here next Friday for the Disposable Heroes Workout/Fundraiser. My classes are canceled since we are all doing that/getting ready for it!
    Tonight we’re heading to midtown for Stowe’s bday celebration! All are welcome!
    Start preparing mentally for our next paleo challenge. This is going to be the longest challenge and the stakes are being raised. It is going to take place sometime between Labor Day and Halloween. Details coming soon!

  • Bethanie

    I posted this, sorry for the confusion!

  • Chris

    Can you take whey protein PWO on paleo?

  • Steve

    This question has come up a couple of times on the crossfit mainsite boards ( Everyone agrees whey protein powder isn’t paleo (technically it is dairy). Two schools of thought here: one, if you are getting better results and aren’t dairy sensitive, use it anyway. Two, you shouldn’t be drinking your calories anyway. I’m in the first school of thought.
    There are a bunch of alternative (and expensive) protein powders available — Mark’s Daily Apple discusses them here:
    and you might want to look at the companion article here:

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