Friday, August 27, 2010

CF ATL 0882 (1) Missy

Workout of the Day

Three rounds for time of:
15 ft Rope Climb, 5 ascents
21 Ring dips
50 Squats

Mobility Workout today is for the shoulder, which you can do on the fence at the front door.

We will be closed this weekend & next while hosting CrossFit HQ
seminars.  Float down the river or visit one of our friendly CrossFit
affiliates in the area.

Tonight is the Disposable Heroes WOD/Fundraiser. The 6pm and 7pm
classes are canceled for this. It starts at 7 and we will be getting
everything set up for the big group from 6-7 so that's why 6 must be
canceled. If you need to come early to do it you may come at 4pm or 5pm.
Otherwise, come do it with everyone else at 7!

Nitric oxide, either from supplements or beet juice, appears to boost performance significantly. 

New study links insulin resistance, and Type 2 diabetes to Alzheimers.  What the study does not say is what we have been saying for years–that all these conditions share a common cause: excess carb consumption.

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  • Danya Levine

    that Shoulder Mobility demo is EVIL!..I was screaming just watching it — which means I will totally be trying to do it on monday morning!!!! Can we get the parallel bars set back up so we can use them for this? They disappeared after the painting project- and I know a lot of us would love to have them back .

  • MoMo

    I am going to run some 800’s today at 4. I’m really excited to see everyone and hang out for a bit. it’s a great cause and I miss you guys!!

  • Ryan Tyler

    what is the protocol for visiting another crossfit gym? do we just show up and let them know we belong to cfatl? do we call ahead and ask permission? thanks

  • Leah P

    first – we missed you at paleo night last night!
    second – which gym are you planning to go to? it’s always nice to call or email ahead to let them know you’re coming, but just let them know you’re from cfatl and that we’re closed due to a cert this weekend. shouldn’t be a problem!

  • Ryan Tyler

    i know. i know. i feel terrible but i got caught at a work function. i hope they didn’t turn someone away because i made a reservation.
    which gym do we have the best relationship with?

  • Chris

    I called up to BTB’s office, and the receptionist put me in touch with Stacy. She said it would be cool for me to just show up as long as I tell the trainer there that I spoke to her and that she said it was okay. Anyone else planning on working out at BTB Buckhead this weekend? I’ll be in the 9:00 AM class tomorrow and the 10:00 AM class on Sunday.

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