Friday, December 10, 2010

Good luck to Jake and Travis at the American Open this weekend.

Workout of the Day

Three rounds for time of:
10 Muscle-ups
10 Forward rolls
20 One legged squats, alternating
Handstand walk 20 yards

Starting today, we will have boxes in the gym to collect Toys for Tots.  They will only be here until next Friday (the 17th) so please bring a toy in for the little one's by then.

Tomorrow is the Crossfit Sports Series at Stone Summit.  We will close the gym at 11am so everyone can head over there for some rock climbing, beer, grilling, etc. Bring the whole family.


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  • mike k

    In response to yesterday’s posts about “cheating”…
    I will share my personal philosophy on the subject: guilt is an ego driven emotion, and living in a way that keeps you free of guilt, usually means you are doing things the “right way” (there is plenty of room here for moral relativism here of course)
    With food, I divide it into two categories: food that is optimal or dam close too it (balanced paleo for me) and food that is not. If I eat something that is “not” there is obviously a reason: usually that the pro of it tasting so good outweighs the cons in that particular instance. Why should I feel guilty about this, if that is what i wanted to do? If I feel physically bad from a “cheat” then that will be reinforcement I can draw upon for the next time I might consider that particular food(s). I try not to associate words like cheat, and bad or good with food. emotions like self loathing, resentment, guilt and anger can quickly start to follow. words are powerful, as are the associations we make with them. if you eat a box of cookies, a gallon of milk and bag of cheesy poofs. you are not a “bad” person, and should not feel guilty. rather you are a person with a lot of blood sugar in their system, probably soon to be cranky when you crash, and a person with less than optimal digestion currently and a taxed immune system. These things have nothing to do with your character. If you cheat on your spouse or steal from your employer or something like that, you have done something bad or wrong and should feel guilty. eating a cookie is not morally wrong, so I try to be careful about blurring these lines.
    The point I am trying to make is that while its usually harmless to blur these lines, for many people this is how eating disorders start. Don’t obsess over food! if you arent happy with your last food choice, your next meal is chance to make it different. a simple cost benefit analysis make far more sense here, than a questioning of one’s virtuosity, ethics, or character
    I realize I am opening the door to flack and ridicule with this post, but I think this is an important thing to think about, considering how big a role food and physical health play in mental/emotional health
    great work Katherine, Danya, Capt, Amanda, Chadd, Carson, Matt W, Elizabeth J, Rich Z, and Alan Today! these ten did not cherry pick around the wod today, and put in some excellent work on their gymnastics. Terrific job!

  • Ryan Tyler

    holy cow! i just got exactly the answer i was looking for from the mouth of the horse, robb wolf himself, when i posted these:
    “i’m not sure i understand why the premise makes any since. first of all, evolution doesn’t always produce the best result. look at this secondly, just because we didn’t evolve eating bio-engineered food or whatever wasn’t around in the good ol days doesn’t mean its not good for us, right? our bodies, though not perfect, are amazing at adapting. i can’t imagine it wouldn’t be able to adapt to some of the foods that are available today that weren’t then. i agree that a good starting point is looking at the food we evolved to process but its not the end all.”
    “i don’t disagree that some (maybe the vast majority) of modern farming is bad for us. i just don’t think its bad for just because its new. and i meant that we can eat “new” foods that are not bad for us right now. not after having evolved to eat it.”
    he said in his podcast today:
    “the whole argument that something is evolutionarily novel doesn’t really hold the water for me that it did at one time. if a food is new, it does not necessarily mean its problematic. i think we need to be a little more sophisticated about those types of topics. there are new foods that may be very very beneficial and very therapeutic to us….
    We don’t need genetic adaptaion or evolution to occur to either tolerate or not tolerate a particular food.”

  • Ryan Tyler

    and thanks mike. i enjoyed this workout. and, you’re wrong, you are a bad person if you eat a bag of cheesy poofs.

  • MsDanyal

    Uhm okay so now that you actually made me feel guilty about making fun of you, Mikey I will forgo my urge to be a cynic who pisses in the pool of your happy land
    now more importantly…
    wow … are you sure that is Jake in that photo? I didn’t recognize him with his shirt ON!!!! must’ve been drafty that day

  • MsDanyal

    Good God .. don’t you two have anything important to add to this blog ? LOL (u know I love you both even if you both do eat cheesy poofs)

  • Leah P
    wow… this is really unfortunate, but be aware of what you’re taking!

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