Friday, February 7, 2014

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Workout of the Day

Core Focus Day (from the CrossFit Archives)

20 SLOW Toes to Bar
Arch Rock for 1 minute (video)
50 Ab Mat Sit-ups
30 Hip Extensions
Hollow Rock for 1 minute (video)
20 Straight leg deadlifts (See Mobility WOD video, Full Posterior Chain Range Of Motion)
Total 1 minute in L-Sit
25 "Hug A Twinky" (video)

Some of you may be tempted to slough off the moves that you can't perform. You need to 
understand that what you can't do here clearly defines your deficiencies as an athlete. 
Any reasonably conditioned athlete can do all of these without much difficulty. If you find 
a chink in your armor, work daily on correcting it.

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