Friday, January 20, 2018

Everywhere the modern western diet has been adopted the rates of chronic disease have skyrocketed: obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, kidney disease, you name it.  70% of US medical costs go to treating chronic disease that can be prevented with diet and exercise.  Why has this happened? Because there is no money in treating disease that can be prevented and treated by diet and exercise, and because Big Soda & Big Food have corrupted nutrition science all over the world.  We have been horribly mislead about what is a healthy diet for almost 50 years, ever since the US government told us not to eat fat and to make grains the base of our food pyramid.

New York Times: In Asia’s Fattest Country Nutritionists Take $ From Food Giants

Remember when the tobacco company ads had doctors recommending Camel cigarettes?  It’s just as bad now.  The Russels Blog is a tremendous resource documenting how nutrition science has been corrupted.  A few recent articles:

How America’s Soda Industry Conquered China’s Public Health Agency

Coke’s Covering Up Payments to CDC & NIH




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