Friday, July 3, 2009

CrossFit ATL 3730 CF ATL's chick magnets at work

Workout of the Day


75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps for time.

Post time to comments.

LAPD SWAT doing "Randy" [wmv] [mov] At the end of this clip Josh Everett is shown doing the workout in under 3 minutes


We will be closed tomorrow, July 4.  If you are not running the Peachtree and want to workout, meet us at West Palisades Chattahoochee National Recreation Area at 10:30 AM.  We will go for a cross country run & hill scramble, then perhaps float down the river for a very short stretch.  Bring a tube or raft.

If you can get up early, go watch the Peachtree Road Race.  Watch the running form of the front runners, and then take a good look at the folks in the pack and let us know your thoughts about whether jogging is effective for weight loss.

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  • Laura

    Go Runners go! I am planning to run the Peachtree, but don’t yet have a number so I expect that I will end up in the 9th time slot again. I should be pretty easy to spot as I will be the one actually running in that time group. Last time I showed up and bought a number off of a guy in the 9th time zone and accidently ran over a lady who was walking. I think about her sometimes and wonder if she ever participated again after that.

  • Steve

    The last four years or so I’ve run the Peachtree in timing group 1B (which is people who did one of the many qualifier races in less than 54 minutes). You’d think everyone up there would be running… and yet, there are still plenty of walkers. I’m baffled by how they got there — whether someone who did qualify gave them a number, or whether they just stepped off the sidewalk at mile one or mile two. Lots of near collisions and cursing.


    Randy as RX’d: 5:59

  • Laura

    Randy RX 8:10

  • Margaret

    LaLa, if I’m right, that gets you on the boards. CONGRATS.
    After a month of Starting Strength, I decided to attempt to PR on my 1 rep max of back squat, dead lift and power clean. I succeeded only on the back squat at 60k and my dead lift actually got worse. Hmmm, could that be because I had just maxed out my squat?? I’m such a dumb-ass sometimes.
    I’m off to Chile for two weeks. I am really going to miss you guys, but I have a feeling my body is going to enjoy the rest. We will be skiing, biking and hiking, but nothing holds a candle to the abuse that is crossfit.
    Good luck at the games, have fun and be safe!!

  • Bethanie

    I’ll join for the run/float in the AM.
    Congrats roomie on the awesome time!
    Have fun Momo, we’ll miss you!

  • Jonathan H CFATL

    The caption of today’s picture is pretty awesome

  • Jeff

    Back home in Cincinnati for the weekend
    WOD: Kayak 8 miles
    Good luck to everyone running the Peachtree.


    Have fun!!!

  • Marie_CFATL

    Good luck to everyone running tomorrow! I will enjoy my lazy Saturday by watching the Wimbledon final in the morning.
    5:27 Rx

  • Outlaw

    Randy as Rx’d: 5:00.

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