Friday, July 9, 2010

CrossFit ATL 0323Andy

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Great times at the party last night.  Many thanks to all the sponsors, especially Betsy of Urban Pl8 and the Lululemon girls.

The main area of the gym will be closed this weekend while we are
hosting the CrossFit Endurance seminar.  Open gym in the
weightlifting area during normal weekend hours.  It's not too late to
sign up for the seminar.

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  • Leah P

    Dan – will there still be free trials tomorrow or just open gym? if not, you may want to post it on the site so people don’t show up.

  • Bethanie

    Hey Alan! You won a couple prizes last night. I’ll put them in the office and you can get them on Monday.
    last night was a huge success thanks to all of you. We had a blast and are feeling great heading into CA. Thanks for all of your support!

  • MikeG_CFATL

    Last night was awesome! What a great turnout. Thank you to all who supported us and to Bethanie for putting in the hard work.
    Also, I would like to thanks John K. for surprising us last night. He was kind enough to bring us an awesome gift. He brought a flag that was brought out in a mission and a certificate to hang in the gym.
    John, we are honored to accept your gift. Thank you for everything you do, brother. I am glad that you are home safe. Thanks!

  • Andy L

    That’s my post Fran apocalypse pose.
    Had a blast at the Fundraiser! What a turnout – great food, music and most importantly people.

  • MoMo

    Last night was so much fun. It felt like a reunion on so many levels. So proud to support everyone heading to Cali, and I can’t wait to catch portions of it on the live-feed. I’ll be there in spirit. It was also great to have Heidi back—great to see you girl! And, to spend some time with Whitney, who will be leaving us soon enough. Sad face. In addition to winning a $25 gift certificate to Urban Pl8 (thank you Betsy!!) it was also amazing to have John back on our soil safe and sound. So fun having dinner with you and Anna. Last but not least—Beef, you pulled off a great event. What a generous, loving and fun community we have!! Nuff said.

  • Adrian Mejia

    I was really surprised about the turn out last night! Good times!! Nice work Bethanie. It was a lot fun! Thanks Betsy for the wonderful food! Wish all you guys the best out in Cali.

  • mike k

    sergia! on the board for Karen with a 15# wallball no less!
    7 am class: great intensity on tabata sprints this am
    12 pm class: way to bring it as well! Dan A, maybe it was the pressure of keeping up with Missy and Kylie, but some excellent form on the jerks and overhead squats today none the less! Missy and Kylie you both are badasses!

  • CrossFit Atlanta

    We will have the free trials, but they’ll be in the weightlifting area or out front.

  • Ayeong

    Really? I won 2 prizes? Cool. I will claim them Monday. Thanks Bethanie. I really miss gym today…. Hands are healing fast… See you Monday Mike K!

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