Friday, June 25, 2010

CrossFit ATL 0238Mike G. teaching

We are closed this Sat. and Sun. while hosting a CrossFit Trainer Seminar.

Workout of the Day

Due to the overwhelming wuss response to yesterday's posted workout, we are no longer posting a workout of the day.  In practice a great many people were getting or doing workouts different than the posted workout anyway.  Henceforth, the CrossFit Workout of the Day will be considered a suggestion, and we won't bother to post it here.  So, if you want to know what your workout is, come to the gym and find out.

"Real Science" with Greg Glassman, CrossFit Journal
preview video [wmv] [mov]

Will CrossFit make you a better paddler?  Yes, we don't know why, but it does.  Professional kayaker and Cosmopolitan pin-up Brad
is one of those lucky people who have found a way to make a
living doing something they love.

He started kayaking at 12, and by the age of 17 Ludden had a host of
sponsors and was living the dream as a pro athlete. Years later, through
his friendship with Kelly Starrett, Ludden was introduced to CrossFit
but was at first skeptical about his need to squat: “I don’t need legs. I
just sit down for a living.”

After experiencing CrossFit, Ludden found that overall fitness was
important to his performance on the river but also his safety in a
dangerous and unforgiving sport.

“In one year of training with Kelly and training with CrossFit, I saw
my kayaking hit a whole other gear—and I had been paddling
professionally at that point for eight years. I saw a whole other gear
that I didn’t know existed.”

See Brad's full video, Professional Passion, in the CrossFit Journal

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Showing 8 comments
  • Michael McLaughlin

    LOL @ “wuss response”

  • Bethanie

    Hi guys, reminder that there will be a small “paleo” group having brunch at urban pl8 tomorrow at noon. Wish I could make it but I’m in CALI!!!

  • MikeG_CFATL

    Everyday will now be a surprise. I can use the classes as guinea pigs to test out some of my programming. hahahaha!!!

  • Leah P

    I like it too! I will gladly relinquish my “guinea pig” title… let’s all recall the SB run/SB clean/sled drag wod. I don’t think Johnny will EVER workout with me again after that one!

  • Rhjones5

    I know my opinion is really important to everyone over there, so I’ll happily share it.
    I hate this new policy. I mean, Come on! I don’t have a lot in my life, at least give me a reason to look at the site periodically so I know what I have to look forward to in the afternoons.
    I like to look at the workout, forget what it was, then look at it again. It is the only thing that makes me forget to kill myself everyday.
    Can’t we just implement some sort of a cherry picker punishment? The woman who owned the gym I wailed at in Florida used to punish people all the time. It was weird. What was really weird about it was how easily she enforced punishments. Nobody ever argued. They’re all weak-willed in that state.
    The point is, how am I going to be assured that my workouts will be miserable if nobody tells me in advance what they are going consist of?
    You know who else doesn’t list workouts? LA Fitness and Barack Obama… think about that

  • Dan Robinson

    I agree. I don’t really understand the point of not posting the workouts. I showed up to do yesterdays workout at 5, and was told to do something else. No “wuss” response

  • CrossFit Atlanta

    To those of you who showed up, we congratulate you on your courage and determination. You guys are obviously not the problem. The problem is that we have too many people who decide whether or not to come in based on the posted WOD. They cherry pick and avoid their weaknesses. Not cool. Perhaps Jones is right, and punishments for missing workouts is the solution. Maybe something else. Nothing is set in stone, but do we want to solve this problem.

  • Dave Hodges

    Ha, I don’t know what to make of this myself. I *only* come in based on the WOD, because $20 is a lot to shell out for a poor man, and I want to make sure that I come in and do something that I can’t do elsewhere. If the posted WOD is Cindy, there is no way in hell I would come in. But something that requires dropping heavy weights and a qualified CFL2 instructor? Yeah, I’m likely to come in and get some instruction.
    The fact is that the particular WOD in question prescribed things that a LOT of folks simply cannot do. I can barely hold a hand stand a few seconds. I certainly cannot walk 20 metres on one. How do you scale that anyway?
    Finally, it needs also to be stated that the CrossFit WODs are insufficient for most people to gain and/or maintain needed strength levels. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY, who is competing at the CrossFit Games follows the main site WODs for their strength training. They all have their own supplemental strength programming on the side. A 20-round Cindy is meaningless if you can’t deadlift 400 lbs. Which is why I don’t give a crap about my half-way decent Cindy and why I do care that my deadlift is barely over 300.

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