Friday, March 20, 2009

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CrossFit Atlanta 2407
Rope burns.  Wear long socks or long pants next time you climb rope!

Workout of the Day

Make up Day:  Make up your own workout.  Make up a missed workout.  Or try this one

5 rounds for time

15 Deadlift-bodyweight
400m run
20 box jump 24"

In rugby action this weekend, Georgia Tech hosts Florida Atlantic University in the quarterfinal round of the South D2 playoffs.  Game time is 1 PM at Central Park, a/k/a Bedford Pines Park, located at the intersection of Central Park Place & LInden Ave.  Map link.  This game will be immediately followed by another D2 quarterfinal, Ole Miss v. East Carolina at 2:45 PM.

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  • Laura

    Don’t forget about paintball. it’s April 12th, and that is Easter. So, call your mama and tell her to make Easter dinner sometime after 2pm that you can come play paintball in the morning. Get your waivers (they are in the cubbies at the gym by the door or at and $30 turned in ASAP! you can give them to me, send them to me, give them to Bethanie, or rugby team can give them to Mike Aaron. They are due by March 25th. If you have no family obligations, or your family is 1000 miles away (like mine) we will find a bar after paintball because nothing heals the pain like a cold beer. Cold beer works equally well at numbing the pain by drinking it or by placing the cold bottle directly on the injury. questions??? [email protected]

  • DHall(new and improved)

    Groovy workout today… Nice racing you Chris…
    Gee Laura you party planning is so good…Maybe we can do paintball again on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. The one and only time I go to church (because I have too) is Easter damn’it…I would so enjoy shooting you and that dude room mate of yours!

  • Matthew Queen

    50 manmakers @ 40#.
    Very tough.
    In other news, won’t be able to make it to the Peachtree CF thing tomorrow. Somehow I think you’ll manage without me, though.

  • VAS

    What CF Peachtree thing is this?

  • David Hodges

    Don’t use stupid gym machines, like some obese lady did:

  • Bethanie

    This is probably the most serious post I have ever done but I got an email from my mom today and here is part of what she wrote:
    “Did we tell you this sad story – When we 1st started playing tennis here, we met a really nice couple about 5 yrs. younger than us and played tennis with them a few times. Well last Sat. they were in a clinic at the club and the husband, collapsed on the tennis court. The wife gave CPR, but he died. Sooo sad, they have 2 teenage sons. This makes like 4 men we know that had heart attacks this last year, 2 of them died. And all in their 50s.”
    4 men in one year alone??!

  • Rob M

    Did Annie today, 7:18 as Rx’d. Not quite my best, I think my double-unders were slow.
    So 11am tomorrow at Crossfit Peachtree then?

  • Jonathan H CFATL

    Annie, 7:18 Rx
    I hate you Rob

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