Friday, May 14, 2010

CrossFit Atlanta 187 Evening Crew getting it done

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Happy Birthday to Brandon C.  Meanwhile, Blaine, Chris, Leah P. celebrate their one year anniversary with CF ATL, and to mark the occasion the crazy girls in the morning crew are planning another party with a Paleo Breakfast.

Breast milk is best.

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  • Blaine

    I don’t make many posts, but Nancy, Beth, Sergia, Katherine and everyone else that helped with breakfast to celebrate one year at CFATL for Leah P, Chris Lane, and I deserve a big thank you! Hard to believe it has been a year. I’ve never stuck with ANYTHING for a year. CrossFit Atlanta is the best! I still remember walking into the gym for the first time, completely clueless to the CrossFit concept. I only came in because it was the closest gym to the house I had just bought. Vas heavily scaled a WOD for me and I gave it a try. A few minutes later, after nearly passing out on the mats, Vas leans over me with his stopwatch and says “congratulations, you just worked out for 8 minutes.” I was hooked.
    I still have a long way to go with my goals, but it has been a great year. A special thank you to Dan, Brent and Mike K. for their continued coaching, support, and encouragement. It makes all the difference. I walked into CFATL at 213 pounds and today I am a much stronger 191 pounds. AND I still need to try this Paleo thing everyone keeps talking about. Also, a shout out to Leah P, MoMo, and Chris A. for giving me a little extra motivation when they are there in the mornings being all hardcore. Ha.

  • Bethanie

    awesome post, Blaine! I love it! I remember when you and Chris came a couple times in the evening and kept asking me when you would be off the bands for pull ups and asked when you could come in next “would tomorrow morning be too soon!??” haha. Awesome having you guys.
    I showed up late this morning to celebrate but Nancy still made an omelette for me!
    If you guys are able to come by the bbq tonight please do and we can celebrate all over again!

  • Bethanie

    Oh, and I’ll take this opportunity to promote the June paleo challenge coming up. It is only a few short weeks and I promise you will see awesome changes in that time…ask anyone who did it last time! Sign up for the bodyfat testing on June 8th to start it all off!

  • Bethanie

    I’m getting the details ironed our for our next paleo challenge. It is going to be GOOD!!! If you plan to participate, which everyone should, please please please sign up for the June 8 body fat testing as our challenge will begin the 7th and everyone who participated in the last one wishes they would have done this. I’m working on where you can go during the last week of the challenge for the “after” testing. Here are some basics RE the next challenge:
    Important Dates: June 7-July 2 = challenge (we will do a longer one in the fall)
    June 1 6:30am & June 3rd 6:15pm: Lectures: Brent will do a “Paleo 101” lecture.
    Mentors/mentees: every participant will have a trainer as their “mentor” who will check their weekly food logs (mandatory for winning) and offer feedback.
    June 4th: Registration deadline! (Email me your “before metrics” and pay me $25 cash/check
    June 8th: Hydrostatic bodyfat test.
    Week 1 homework (due by the 12th): come up with recipe for Saturday’s cookout (in addition to food logs).Best recipe get’s a prize!
    June 12 2pm: Checking in meeting/ paleo cookout.
    Week 2 homework (due by the 18th): post a NEW recipe for a meal they made that week on the paleo forum (in addition to food logs).
    June 18th: 7am morning breakfast celebrating Momo’s 2 years at Crossfit Atl and Whitney’s bday.
    June 19th 7pm: Marshall’s bday party catered by taqueria del sol…the real challenge will be decided by who stays paleo there!
    Week 3 homework (due by the 25th): post a testimonial on the forum as to how you feel at this point: sleep, emotional, work, crossfit, physically, etc (in addition to weekly food log).
    June 26th 12pm: Paleo brunch at UrbanPl8.
    Week 4 homework (at the end of the week, due July 2nd): after measurements/metrics/benchmark/etc. (in addition to weekly food log)
    July 3rd: closing ceremony & voting. Voting criteria: “most improved” (I’m going to make this more clear by the start of the challenge)

  • Danya Levine

    so sorry to miss this morning’s breakfast!! sounds like you all had a blast ! I am going to stop by tonight – any beer requests ?

  • RyanJ_CFATL

    Can the body fat testing of a couple of weeks ago count as the “before” testing?

  • Bethanie

    Indeed it can! In order to get them to come back on Friday July 2nd we need at least 10 people to commit to doing it on that day. So, let me know if you want to do this. Otherwise we can plan on going to the crossfit gym they will be at on Thursday the 1st

  • MoMo

    Happy anniversary to Blaine, Chris and Leah P! You guys are such an important part of what makes our community so special! Awwww. What a spread this morning. Thanks to Nancy and everyone that contributed!!
    I won’t make it tonight, but have fun! See you all tomorrow morning.
    P.S. Bethanie would like me to tell you all that SHE made the paleo cookies first, and THEN gave me the recipe. I didn’t make them first. LOL!

  • Nancy Oe

    …and here I was giving all the credit to Leah P!

  • Leah P

    haha… just to clarify, i never took credit for the recipe!!! i do like to think i’ve perfected them though 😉 i mean, how else do i justify eating about 10 today?
    seriously, though, a million thanks to everyone at CFATL… it’s been an awesome year! i love all you guys like family, and i can’t wait to celebrate all over again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, and on, and on. you catch my drift.

  • Bethanie

    New shirts are in!!! They are bad ass…$20 each. I highly recommend you get yours asap as there is a level 1 cert coming next weekend and they will probably purchase a good amount!

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