Friday, November 22, 2013

2013-11-2010517The CrossFit Recovery Position

Workout of the Day

20 min amrap
400 m run
21 1.5/1 of kb swings
12 pull-ups

Roundtable Discussion: Should you wait until you have a strict pull-up before doing kipping pull-ups?

I'll chime in with my take on all this.

CF Gymnastics seminar staff recommend getting a strict muscle up before kipping, and a strict pull-up before kipping.

Kipping pull-ups put a lot more load on the shoulder that strict, and I think those tissues are best made ready for kipping by getting one or two strict pull-ups first. Meanwhile learn to hang from the bar and do shoulder shrugs with no arm bend, and then the kip or beat swing, gradually working up the amplitude.

A second issue is shoulder mobility, internally rotated shoulders, which many beginners have, are much more prone to injury from kipping IMNSHO

Last, many new folks do not know how to activate their shoulders properly, they initiate the pull with the arms rather than the shoulders, and this tends to put the shoulder into internal rotation (bad).

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