Friday, November 27, 2009

CrossFit ATL 4234 (1)What, me worry?

Workout of the Day

Rest Day at HQ.  Surprises at the gym.

Our hours today are 9 AM to 1 PM.  Tomorrow, 9-11 AM, with touch football starting at 11 AM at Tanyard Creek Park off Collier Rd.  Sunday 10 AM to 1 PM

Next week, starting Monday, we will have new hours in the mornings, 6-10 AM instead of 6-11 AM.  We will also be open, for the first time, during the lunch hour, from 12-1 PM.  Olympic Lifting & Strength Bias CrossFit will also be offered mornings and evenings 4 days a week.

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  • MoMo

    Hey Guys! Mike G. and I are going for a trail run at the entrance to the Hooch off Powers Ferry at 2 pm today. Hope some of y’all will join us to run off some of that turkey!! (I need someone to run with, since Mike will most certainly be out ahead of me!!)
    We all did Murph yesterday, and my time was 55:43. What a difference a year makes, as I did this last January in an hour and thirteen. Was happy with it, but I’m very sore and tired today!! Hope everyone had a great day and see you in the gym tomorrow (and then some flag football)!

  • Bethanie

    Happy THanksgiving all! Hope you got some good cheat meals in. I did a 5k turkey trot yesterday with my family in Dana Point, CA. I finished at 24:53. This is right around my PR. I want to be faster but am happy I was able to get around this time again after a few 5ks significantly slower than this. Also, I beat both of my brothers-in-law, which is all that really matters.

  • MikeG_CFATL

    Who is coming to the CFATL vs CFNA football game tomorrow? If you want to meet at the gym, I will be leaving there at 11am.
    Here is are the rules…

  • Steve

    Nice job, Bethanie! You’ll be able to gloat about that win all year.
    Yesterday: run 40 minutes
    Today: run 40 minutes

  • Laura

    sore, sore, sore! I did half of a Murph on Thanksgiving with Momo, Mike G, Jonathan, Toby (they did a full Murph) and his family, and then I ran 6 miles this morning. I hurt everywhere.
    Good job Beef Cakes. Can’t wait till you are back from Cali, and tell your family hello!

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