Friday, October 1, 2010

Early days of CrossFit Atlanta, 2005.  We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary all month.

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  • rhjones5

    This is probably what late night phone calls between Dan and Mike G are like.
    Mike: “How do you know about Mamona?”
    Dan: “AHH, I know… HAHAHAHA!”

  • Dave Hodges
  • Ryan Tyler

    anybody going to another box tomorrow? i’ve been to north atlanta, smyrna and peachtree and they were all very welcoming.

  • MsDanyal

    Captain Crossfit .. you’re Alive!! Thank God .. 6amers were worried after your glassy eyed look last night ! I was hoping something would be going on tomorrow despite the cert too— anybody up for an outdoor adventure or something?
    Master P or Bcon? feel like taking us out in public for some torture ? lemme know .. otherwise my lazy ass will sleep late.

  • MsDanyal
    oh and seafood lovers .. check this out .. support the environment and eat good fish !!!

  • Pablo Vega

    I don’t know about tomorrow but I definitely want to do Sunday’s WOD. It’s just pull-ups for time which I can do in the gym at Tech, but I enjoy the Crossfit atmosphere more. So let me know what you (or anyone else) is up to on Sunday… and by the way, how do you go to another box? You just show up, or you call first? Do you have to pay?

  • MsDanyal

    well it seems no one wants to hang with us Pablo..:( I am going to try reaching out to Brandon directly and see if he is planning anything. let me know if you and Ryan end up anywhere I will try to see if Sergia or any other folks wanna get together . I agree- I love working out with the CF folks-rather than by myself or at a gym where I don’t know anyone

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