Friday, October 29, 2010

Some of the CF ATLiens at Urban Pl8's Paleo night.  What a good group!

Workout of the Day

Trainer's choice/team workouts. 

PM classes, please try to get in early so we can set up for the PAAAAARTY!!!!!!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Paleo Challenge, all of you showed great dedication and had very inspiring results.  Special shout out to Mr. Johnny Boston who won it all!

"Women, CrossFit & Myths, Part I" by Oakland County CrossFit (MI).

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  • Ronnie B.

    This picture gives me a “Last Supper” vibe.

  • Ayeong

    An all around congratulations to first and foremost, Godfather Dan and CFATL Trainers for a wonderful 5th year anniversary. You all know this is the best gym in town and may you celebrate many more wonderful years …. Secondly, congrats to Johnny B for winning out the Paleo challenge — sweet! Thirdly, shoutout to all my mid morning ladies crew for kicking some serious butt during the Paleo challenge — you all inspired me.
    Have a wonderful partay tonight — unfortunately I have to miss all the festivities due to work conflict.
    Sergia — did I see a BIG MAC on that plate?

  • MsDanyal

    Only if the Last supper was full of hottie pants! LOL .. Damn but CFATL is the FINEST looking bunch a people !

  • Ronnie B.

    Amanda Gall = Paleo Jesus

  • Pablo Vega

    Does anyone know why Mike K is sporting Danya’s lipstick for this photo? I personally think a darker shade of red would look better for you dude… Think about it

  • Ken

    And she looks pissed. She is about to address the disciples.

  • Richard Zapata

    Greetings from Bahamas! I just want to say props to the trainers who pushed us. Especially to Mad Mike who runs a tight ship in the morning and had 3 of the top 5. Kudos to Bethanie who organized a kick-ass Challenge. Congrats to Johnny Boston for showing us what it takes to win a Paleo Challenge. Damn, Johnny Boston, you kicked ass. Pretty cool stage name, too.
    See you all next week!

  • MsDanyal

    uhmmmmmm.. who I share my lipstick with is my business Pablo .. LOL Mikey is looking pretty glossy though!

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