Friday, Octorber 30, 2009

Atlanta Harlequins Rugby Club won through at the round of 16 in Boston last weekend and will play in the National semi-final on Nov. 7 in San Francisco.  Congratulations and good luck!

Workout of the Day


Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 box jump, 24 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Post time to comments.

We know that monoculture leads to high levels of systemic risk in agriculture.   Belmont Club discusses how monoculture leads to high levels of systemic risk human culture.

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  • Ken

    Brent – thanks for the note yesterday. That does make it worse. haha…That damn workout.
    I enjoyed the anti-crossfit video posted by Jason and Chandler. Pretty funny. I always think it is good to look at both sides of things, it helps you make decisions about the best thing for yourself. On the other hand, it reminded me of how silly the big critics of crossfit are when they argue that you are “just mediocre at everything” and not really good at anything, and thus it cannot be a sport compared to, for example track. They always cite examples of extreme mile times or extreme strength. These are certainly sports, but very mono-functional ones. On the contrary, other sports like football (e.g. a running back), boxing, wrestling, or the decathlon are similar to crossfit in that they favor well rounded athletes versus extreme “specialists”. And the latter two may be two of the oldest athletic events we have. So the concept that you have to be super good at a mono-functional “event” to be a great athlete is not consistent with several of the sports that are already considered to produce elite athletes.
    On the other hand, I do believe that the very best athletes are not yet competing in crossfit, but they will. The difference in the athlete quality at the 2008 versus 2009 games supports this trend. I don’t know if or when crossfit will reach the level of the decathlon, but it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming years. And if all else fails, I don’t really care, because well rounded athletes are easier on the eyes than specialists anyway.

  • Jason Bourgeois

    Tonight at 6 pm we will be working on deadlift form.
    See you then.

  • VAS

    There’s plenty of sports that define the best as competent at more than one thing. The best gymnast is the one with the highest all around score. I’m imagining triatholon came about as a search for the best endurance athlete. And the strongest powerlifter is the one with the highest sum of the 3 lifts at a competition, not theo ne with the biggest deadlift.
    I looked at Bryan Clay, the Olympic decathlon champion. He’s got
    100 m – 10.36
    200 m – 21.34
    400 m – 47.78
    110 m hurdles – 13.74
    1500 m – 4:38.93
    Certainly these times are not the best in the world for the distances, but I cannot come anywhere near them. Seems that not only is he good at everything (in this case different running distances), but he is better than me at everything. And that’s what crossfit is trying to do – not only to get you good at everything, but to get you better than anyone else at everything.

  • Stephanie E

    Just putting out the message again that if you don’t have plans for Saturday night for Halloween, feel free to come over to my apartment to drink followed by walking out to the bars in midtown!

  • peterbassi

    “And that’s what crossfit is trying to do – not only to get you good at everything, but to get you better than anyone else at everything.”
    I completely disagree. The whole idea behind CrossFit is that it doesn’t specialize…in an attempt to make you better at everything. Strictly following CrossFit won’t make you the best at anything, except maybe CrossFit.

  • VAS

    I don’t see what you disagree with

  • Stephanie E

    Oh, we’ll also have the Tech game on…we’ll flip back and forth to the Phils-Yanks game for stupid baseball fans too 🙂

  • MoMo

    Don’t forget to come by the gym at 7 tonight for grilling and fun!! BYOB.

  • Outlaw

    “And that’s what crossfit is trying to do – not only to get you good at everything, but to get you better than anyone else at [CrossFit].”

  • Outlaw

    Unless this guy does crossfit, I don’t see why you put these stats up here other than for illustrative purposes. I have a few words about the instrumental goals of crossfit, but they’re gonna have to wait for another day. In the meantime Happy Halloween to all!

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