Friday, September 10, 2010

CF ATL 1438 What are they pulling?

Workout of the Day


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight
Bench press: body weight
Clean: 3/4 body weight

Set up three bars and storm through for time.

Post Workout Nutrition, from the CrossFit Journal

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  • rhjones5

    Yo Peeps,
    I lost my cell phone in the gym between 5 and 7 last night. It is an iphone with a blue case. If anyone finds it or accidentally picked it up, I will be forever thankful.
    If anyone stole it and I see you with it, I will to curb you.

  • mike k

    Anyone interested in playing in a Men’s Basketball rec league please contact me 404-323-4228. [email protected]. we are trying to see if we can get a CFATL team together. registration deadline is Monday, so let me know asap if you are interested, and I can give you more details. Thanks

  • Adam Springer

    Anyone interested in buying an iPhone? I have a “used” one for sale..real cheap. I’ll even through in a nice blue case.

  • Rob M

    Lol. Where’d you find it? I looked for it at closing last night and couldn’t find it… then I see I got a call from it this morning.

  • Bethanie

    Hi all you paleo-ers!! I’m so pumped so many of you are in! If you emailed me I’ll be responding shortly with who your mentor is. Make sure you meet up with them to determine what your food log should look like and how often you will submit it to them.
    The winner this time will be a trainer vote. We will factor in all sorts of things including your dedication, results, and participation in our “paleo events” we will schedule throughout.
    The first event is Friday the 17th at 7am. We will be having a paleo breakfast. We are going to need lots of bacon and sausage!

  • Ryan Tyler

    i signeup for the body fat test but can’t make it. forgot about the Pixies concert. Yeah, thats right. the Pixies. What????????
    anyways, anyone can take my spot on the sign up sheet. i’ll be there tomorrow morning to cross my name off.

  • Robert Aaron

    Ill take your spot. What time is it? in also even though i missed the Paleo meeting i guess. Brandon is my mentor. HOw much is it? Do you take credit cards?

  • Danya Levine

    hey bethanie- I will be in either tonight or tomorrow to drop off the money for the test and the challenge
    Also any Bruce Lee fans ? Enter the Dragon is playing at the plaza this weekend I think at 9:30 and midnight .. I have never seen it on the big screen .. email me if anybody wants to join in my Kung Fu Dorkfest–[email protected]

  • Bethanie

    cash or check. you should workout while you are eating paleo. just a thought.

  • Ryan Tyler

    i think its 5:24

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