Thursday, July 29, 2010

CrossFit ATL 0597 Simon sez “Play dead”

Workout of the Day

Make up missed workout or trainer’s choice

Marshall gets his muscle-up

CrossFit in the news, on “Fox and Friends”: video clip 1, clip 2.

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  • Andy L

    Way to go, Marshall. That’s awesome man!

  • Steve

    Very smooth muscle-up, Marshall! Next stop: 30 for time.

  • rhjones5

    Well done Marshall
    Who picks the people to be on morning shows?
    They are painfully annoying to watch. They literally make me cringe.

  • RyanJ_CFATL

    Nice work, Marshall! Little do you know that I secretly compare my times with yours at the 7 o’clock hour. I will now have to double my efforts.

  • Elizabeth

    first- i’m jealous of how easy this first muscle up looks.
    second- I’m conducting some research for my job on facilities’ emergency lighting systems. I’m trying to get contacts of local fire marshalls, school board members, school facility managers, etc…anybody in charge of the building’s emergency lighting. If you know of anybody please send me their contact info at [email protected]

  • RIEP Crossfit Atlanta

    You do know that I am a safety guru? Will email you.

  • Danya Levine

    is that Gracie Girl!????? awww ! Marshall nice job !!!

  • Robert Aaron

    Nice job Marshall! you made that look easy

  • Leah P


  • MikeG_CFATL

    Hell yeah, Marshall! I knew you were going to get it.

  • Ken

    Congrats Marshall!!

  • Marshall Jones

    Thank you all for the nice words, and congrats. I am really pleased that after 9 months I was finally able to get my first and second muscle ups. The video is actually the second one, since Bethanie wasn’t ready with the camera for the first. I would also like to give a special thanks to my paleo mentor Bethanie, as she so kindly put it yesterday; I wouldn’t have been able to do it a month ago. For those who don’t know, Lori and I have been doing strict Paleo diet for the past 20+ days and it truly makes all the difference. Not only have I seen huge PR’s in workouts like FGB (74 Reps), Fran (4:00+ min) and Helen (3:00+ min), we have seen a huge decrease in recovery time. Before a typical workout would have us sore for days, but now it seems that it’s possible to do 5 days on and 2 days off with limited fatigue and soreness. For those of you who are skeptic, give it 30 days and you will be true believers.

  • Bethanie

    😀 SO proud of both of you!!!!

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