Monday, April 25, 2011

2011-04-183490 Mack

Workout of the Day

Three rounds for time of:
Run 100 meters
50 Push-ups
Run 100 meters
50 Sit-ups
Run 100 meters
50 Squats
Run 100 meters
50 Back extensions

Post time to comments.

A Cheater’s Guide to Lousy Push-ups, from The Push-up, by Greg Glassman.
Avoid each of these and you are nearly guaranteed an honest push-up.

1. Sagging: Dropping the belly in an attempt to hit, or reach bottom early
2. Piking: Sticking the butt up in the air. This is usually accompanying a rest (see resting, below).
3. Resting: Coming to a stop. This is usually tried at the top, often while piking, but may manifest as a collapse at the bottom.
4. Bouncing: This cheat is, exactly as the name implies, bouncing off the floor to rise to top again without effort. This is a big hit with fat guys.
5. Yogaing: With this cheat, the head and neck lead up followed by the chest then belly. It is a dynamic variant of sagging, but often performed as though it were a plus or artistic.
6. Reaching: Reaching’s most common form is with the head and neck. Some cheaters can extend their head and neck an extra six inches in an attempt to find bottom early and avoid the pain of a real push-up. Look for the nose a foot below the chest.
7. Speeding: The count should be a slow “one-two” up and “one-two” down unless doing timed efforts like the Tabata Interval. For reps, they have to be slow and controlled.
8. Shorting: This is the worst and most common cheat where the cheater typically doesn’t go all the way down. Not rising to the top is less common

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  • Leah P

    REMINDER: Brent’s Paleo Informational is tonight at 6pm! The Challenge starts May 2nd (yep, that’s in a week), and you MUST have paid your entry fee ($50… cash, check or cc), submitted your body comp analysis (sign up sheet is on the front desk at the gym) and completed the benchmark WOD.
    The 6pm class tonight, which I am covering, will be attending as part of your “skill building” then we can do a short metcon afterwards…

  • Nick Cozzo

    Way Hold that first place spot Atlanta!!!!
    You guys keep kicking ass so CrossFit Smyrna can kick your ass at the regionals… haha

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