Monday, August 30, 2010

CF ATL 1380 Some of our folks doing the Disposable Heroes workout.  Thanks to everyone who turned out.  Over $1400 was raised on the night for the Disposable Heroes Project.

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  • Danya Levine

    Just wondering if anyone else died this morning after the mobility WOD— I think it’s the first time I ever cried at CrossFit

  • mike k

    the am classes got their first taste of mobility wods this morning. we are going to run through his first week of wods in a slightly different order, but the same stuff. regardless of the order you do them, I encourage everyone to get caught up with the first week’s worth, so that as Kelly adds to the difficulty of the mobility exercises, everyone is progressing well enough to keep up. Hopefully the crying will lessen. I think I can speak for Bethanie in saying that some sort of mobility work will be a staple of everday’s warmup and/or cooldown (if it hasnt already been for you).
    great work to everyone that got to participate in this morning and afternoon’s team workout!
    Lastly, please check the front desk and kitchen sink daily for water bottles you may have left. After you have signed in of course. There are a few in the sink that need to be claimed or will be thrown away

  • Kath Knox

    y’all I put all the pix up under cf community

  • Danya Levine

    VIDEO is up on FB of Friday night’s WOD- I tried to tag a bunch of folks .. please go and tag folks I am not friends with but that you recognize – happy to share . also put the website address up so folks can donate to Brad’s fund.

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