Monday, December 14, 2009

CrossFit ATL 4317 The stars of our touch football team.

Workout of the Day

Today is rest day at HQ.  At CF ATL come in and make up a missed workout, work on your weaknesses, or let us create a special surprise.

Today is also start of the 100 day challenge.  Pick a movement you suck at, such as ring dips.  Do one today, two tomorrow, three the next day and so on.  Go out on a limb, go public, and sign up for the challenge at the gym. 

For those of you that have hip, hamstring, or IT band issues, watch this video from the CrossFit Journal, Lower Body Maintenance, [wmv] [mov].  To see the complete video, you must subscribe to the Journal.

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  • Ken

    Mike k – congrats on the sub 4 fran yesterday. I assume this was a pr?
    If anyone is looking for a good wod to do today, a few of us did the Canadian qualifier yesterday. It is posted at the gym and here:
    AMRAP 20 min
    10 reps each of
    20(14)# wallballs
    20” box Jumps
    205(145)# deadlift
    I was just over 9 rounds. It is tough, the movement variation keeps power output high.

  • kara

    Mike K: sub 4 Fran?! Badass! Must be all that fish oil, huh? 😉 You’ll be happy to know that I haven’t eaten any sugar in the last… uh, 12 hours. I’m on a roll!
    I like the looks of this WOD… I’ll be there for the 5, hopefully this is an option, and hopefully I won’t be the only person in the gym, again!

  • mike k

    Thanks Ken and Kara! and yes, definitely a PR. I just need to be able to string reps together more fluidly on the round of 15. Definitely not putting the bar down, but as steve pointed out, I had to many pauses from top to bottom on the thrusters. Thanks to everyone that was here for the encouragement-definitely helps!
    Definitely going to try that workout ken. the look on your face yesterday let me know how much it sucked, since you usually have a very relaxed expression on your face during wods (unlike the rest of us! good thing mom was wrong when she said not to make ugly faces or they’ll get stuck that way)

  • mike k

    I’m covering open gym tonight, so I may do this one with you today at 5. and yes, it must be the fish oil!

  • mike k

    last comment. . . (maybe) wouldn’t mind getting sacked by any of those four!

  • Jonathan H CFATL

    I will be in at 6 to do this AMRAP If anyone wants to join me.
    Also, thanks to everyone who came out Saturday night, I had an awesome time!

  • CrossFit Atlanta

    The 15th annual AOWRFCSCPCCNCA (Atlanta Old White Rugby Football Club Santa Claus Pub Crawl for Christmas & Needy Children in Atlanta) will start Friday night promptly at 6 PM at the venerable 5 Paces Inn in Buckhead.
    I will be wearing my historic Santa suit, a distinguished but battered veteran of the 1st “Crawl” & many since, and which, in accordance with the rules, has never been washed. Attendees are required to bring a politically correct toy for the Toys For Tots program and canned food for the hungry and homeless. It is recommended that all Santas use a taxicab in order to avoid the embarrassment of a Santa arrest.

  • peterbassi

    Is it bad that the first thing I thought when I saw that picture this morning was “man, that’s some bad deadlift form”?

  • MoMo

    I think that it must be all that information they stuffed into your huge melon this weekend. Congrats on your level 1 cert!!

  • MoMo

    Day 1 of ring dips down! Don’t forget to sign up. For those of you that travel frequently, we have decided that at the outset of the challenge (TODAY), you can choose one replacement exercise. The key is to pick something other than ring dips that you also suck at, and perhaps something that doesn’t involve equipment. I choose pushups. I am actually better at hspu’s than I am at regular pushups, if you can believe that. It’s the kip. Revised rules will be posted soon!

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