Monday, February 1, 2010

CrossFit ATL 4552 Mike & Leah set good examples re: INTENSITY

Workout of the Day

Five rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
135 pound Thruster, 7 reps

Post time to comments.

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    My workout for today:
    Back Squat 5×5 130kg
    OH Press 3×5 70kg
    Pullups 15, 15, 10 (CTB)

  • Bethanie

    Hi all!!! I sent out an email to everyone who came to the paleo challenge informational meetings last week (if i could read your writing). Here is what the email said for everyone else who couldn’t make it:
    I hope you all had relaxing weekends. The training staff has been working hard to get the kinks worked out and the forum is finally up and ready to go (some forums are still empty but we will have stuff in them shortly). Here is the link:
    Please register and start posting!! Don’t be shy!
    A few things regarding the challenge:
    1. Buy in: $25 each. PMers can your money to me to hold onto, AMers please give it to Brent. This is considered your registration for the challenge. When I get your $ (or within a few days at least) I’ll create a forum for you under the respective category on the site (you can see i made one for myself but have yet to post in it).
    2. Under your named forum you will post your “before metrics” and goals. This is important for people to see for voting purposes and to help you with answering questions, etc. The due date to post this is February 13th by midnight. Note: the more info you post the more likely you are to win because others will see your improvement in several areas. I cannot force everyone to take/post before/after pictures but it is greatly encouraged (if you aren’t comfortable posting them, please send them to me and I’ll keep them confidential).
    3. Some of you are excited about starting now and asked if you can take your pictures/metrics now…YES, please do.
    4. We will have the calendar we handed out up soon so you can see other dates (like when we can all measure/weigh and do the benchmark WODs that we choose before the challenge starts)
    This email is based on the lists I received at the meetings, some email addresses were not legible so please pass this along to whomever. Email is back up, most correspondence/announcements will be via the forum.
    Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns. Hope you are as excited as we are!
    Here is my email address: [email protected]

  • Rob M

    manimal… lolz

  • Dave Hodges

    I did the WOD from last Friday:
    33 HSPU
    150 Squats
    40 Pull-ups
    27 Push-ups
    Total of 250.

  • MikeG_CFATL

    My workouts for today:
    AM: 10×2 front squats 90kg (3 second pause and 1 min rest between sets)
    Push Jerk 120kg
    PM: 5 rounds
    7 deadlifts (120kg)
    30 squats
    7 hspu

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