Monday, February 15, 2010


Dr. Chris makes the 2010 Creative Loafing "Lust List."

Workout of the Day

Spend 20 minutes practicing handstands.  Progress from handstand spotted against the wall using as little assistance from the wall as possible to a handstand spotted from the side by a partner offering as little assistance as possible to an free, unspotted handstand.  Learn to pirouette out if you lose balance.

Chris, J. Ho, Ken & Leah P. found a way to workout in the snow at a local golf course by combining hill sprints with kettlebell swings

CrossFit ATL 4575

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  • Leah P

    just to clarify… we lugged the KBs up the hill on our runs. thanks to KG for the brilliant idea 🙂

  • Ken

    Congrats Chris. but your face in that pic sortof looks like – “why am I taking this picture”…..
    Ya, Leah is right, runs were with holding a KB on your upper back over your shoulders. This adds a little extra weight (hehe) and also prevents you from running with your arms, which normally help you keep forward momentum and stride during hill springs. The snow also assured you were not dragging your feet. It was so fun…

  • Bethanie

    Paleo challenge “RAMP UP” starts TODAY!!! No more bread/grains/refined sugar people! The pot is up to $375!!! That’s a lot of money so work hard to win it. If you haven’t given me your money yet, get it to me asap and post your before metrics on our forum. Good luck everyone and don’t forget to keep your food diaries.

  • MoMo

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