Monday, January 24, 2011

George supervises stretching while Steve and Kurt workout    

Workout of the Day

Five rounds of:
15' Rope climb, max reps in 3 minutes

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  • Bethanie

    It’s almost Crossfit’s competition season. If you didn’t see the post on HQ from last month explaining how sectionals will work, read it here:,983/
    You should note that the new sectionals open format leaves it open for ANYONE to participate in (assuming you can perform the majority of the workouts RX). Also, if you have thought about being on our team for regionals you are required to participate in these sectionals.
    If you are interested in participating please come to our “Team Crossfit Atlanta” informational on Sunday, Jan 30th, at noon (at the gym). We will basically discuss how we are going to approach selecting people for the regionals team but also what it means to be a part of “Team Crossfit Atlanta” (which includes individual participants).

  • Bethanie

    Paleo night is TOMORROW! Today is the last day to sign up.
    Also, pre-order your hoodies on the sign up sheet at the gym. You must pay a trainer if you want your order placed. You have until Feb. 10.

  • Andy L

    Speaking of Paleo USAT has a great article on why some endurance athletes choose Paleo living –

  • MsDanyal

    for the record .. Worst WOD ever . .especially if you belong to the Rich Froning I DON’T CLIMB ROPES FAN CLUB. Seriously though .. even if I could.. this has to be the most exhausting thing ever.. and how is this functional movement? unless you are planning to be cast in a role for the next TARZAN film? GIMME FRAN or ELIZABETH or HELL even BARBARA over this …

  • Ayeong

    I think I have caught up with my rope climbs today for all the rope climbs I failed to do during my elementary and high school years! It was almost a fun WOD if I don’t get palm and crotch rope burns… I know I know… TMI ….
    I must admit…. I feel like spiderman for a split second…. LOL

  • Rob M

    That’s easy to say when you weigh 100 lbs 😛
    Try it with all of 200lbs crashing to the floor behind you.

  • MsDanyal

    For once Rob -I have to agree with you although I would bet Alan weighs about 80 pounds soaking wet with a Kettlebell in his hands ..oh and Alan you’re NOT Spiderman? oh crap.
    oh and Bobert fess up.. what did you get like 20 climbs per 3 minutes ?

  • Adam Springer

    Wow, big change from last years format. I’ll be at the meeting for sure just to listen…so I know how to beat you guys next year with the Army Team. I only have 3 months left here in Atlanta so no time for regionals or even the hope of competing with Team Awesome 🙂

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