Monday, January 25, 2010

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Paleo Challenge Coming Soon!

"Paleo Challenge" committee, (Jonathan, Peter, and Bethanie), are
working out the details.  Currently the plan is to "buy in" with $. 
The winner will win all the $ in the pot, and a month's membership.  
Our first informational meeting will be this Tuesday
January 26th from 6-7:30 pm. This time includes the meeting and a short
workout in the place of Bethanie's 6 PM class. If you can't make
it Thursday at 6pm we will have the same meeting on Saturday, January
30th at 11:30 am.

This is for all members
regardless of where you are with your diet!!
This meeting will cover why good nutrition is ESSENTIAL, not just to
weight loss, but also to mental and athletic performance and overall
health.  We'll talk about why we prefer the Paleo/Zone approach, and 
devise a plan of
action for our "Paleo Challenge" to begin in February.

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  • Jonathan H CFATL

    This weekend was a PR laden one for me. 4:39 Fran on Saturday, a PR of 1:43 from November. Yesterday I did FGB with everyone and got 406, a PR of 19 reps from a few months ago.
    In a nod to the gains I’ve made through the Olympic lifting, when I picked the bar up for my first set of push press, I actually said “This feels light, is this the 55 lb bar?” That shit works.
    My couple weeks of Paleo helped with my overall endurance through the workout. I didn’t feel as wasted as I usually do by the end of round one, and I was able to recover enough between rounds to start off with high numbers of box jumps.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone for our Paleo info sessions this Tuesday and Saturday!

  • mike k

    nice job J! forgot to mention to eveyone this am. . . Paleo challenge meeting this tuesday night at 6. whether you want to participate in the challenge or not, you should be there. Think of it as a free nutrition seminar. THIS WILL BE WORTH YOUR TIME! I will have paleo treats for everyone Wed AM that attends tomorrow night

  • Ken

    Hot pic ladies.
    J – congrats on the PR’s, you have been working hard lately, and I fully expected it to pay off.
    As far as diet – I am out of town and will not be there for the Paleo challenge. But here is my two cents. I have been working out for about 25 years (started when I was 12). I have fluctuated back and forth from being a competitive athlete to a out of shape doughboy with a solid bench press. There is one thing in common though – regardless of what workout plan I was on my best fitness (strength, speed, endurance, etc) came when I controlled my diet precisely. Sure I think crossfit is the best fitness program around (I have tried them all, even the LL cool J program, haha). HOWEVER, when paired with a crappy diet no fitness program will work to its potential. I do believe a decent fitness program paired with a decent diet is better than even the best program paired with a crap diet.
    Bottom line: If you are not watching your diet closely you are FAR from your own potential. Every time you eat like crap just think of it as strapping on a weight vest for the workout.


    New research study by some prominent lipophobes (fat haters) that shows no correlation between dietary saturated fat and increased risk of cardiovascular disease:
    To add to Ken’s comments…I was in denial myself for a LONG TIME about the importance of diet. I was squarely in the mindset that I could outwork my diet. Once I got to about 30-40lbs overweight and high blood pressure and cholesterol set in, I finally realized I had to make a change.
    The doctor recommended a low-fat high carb diet. That didn’t work at all. After trying various other diets, last February I went all in with Paleo (plus dairy, I admit it).
    In about three months, maybe four, I went from about 220 to sub 180. I think the lowest I weighed in at was 174. That was a significant amount of weight loss in a short time. I did keep carbs very low (< 50 net grams daily), protein at about 0.75g to 1g per pound of bodyweight, and fat was 1/2 of my total caloric intake. You don't have to control things to that level, I'm really impatient and wanted to see results quickly. But you will get results by eating balanced Paleo foods and eating to satiety. If anyone needs help or has questions on any of this stuff...feel free to email me or hit me up in the AM at the gym.

  • VAS

    Thank you for that Brent. You are a gold mine.

  • Adrian Mejia

    Very Nice Picture Ladies; You All Looking Amazing! About The Paleo Challenge, I Have Class Until 6:45 Tuesday But I’m Down For The Challenge. Will There Be Another Nutrition Seminar Later This Week For The People That Can Not Make It On Tuesday? Great Work From Everybody This Past Week!!

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