Monday, July 8, 2013

Hope Workout

Workout of the Day

Unless Mike and Ken say different, here's what we will do today.

All week the warm-up focus will be overhead position, strength, & endurance. 

In Warm-up:
Overhead #1
Practice bracing procedure from Supple Leopard. While standing: squeeze butt, externally rotate hips and legs; lengthen and straighten spine, stand perfectly erect,  squeeze abs to lock in spine/pelvis as "one joint," squeeze shoulder blades together, especially at bottom, squeeze hard, externally rotate arms.  Squeeze abs and butt harder, externally rotate arms and legs harder.  Build as much tension in this position as possible and hold for 3 sec.  Take a break, then repeat the process until you get the hang of it and can do it fairly quickly.  Next brace at 100% tension and release tension slowly while holding braced posture.  How much tension do you need to hold braced posture while standing with no load? 10%, 40%?  Next use just enough tension to maintain braced position and take a walk. Next take lightweight bar and hold it overhead in braced postion.  Have trainer check position and make corrections.  Now walk with it while maintaining correct posture, especially shoulders squeezed together and externally rotated in shoulders and arms.  Notice greater loads require greater tension to hold good posture.

With regard to bracing the spine, read the CFJ article: Hack It Up?, especially the side bar p. 5 on weighlifting belts.


EMOM 10 minutes
3 Overhead Squat.


5 Rounds for time:
15 OHS (95/65)
400m Run 

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