Monday, June 4, 2012

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Workout of the Day

Before Class or In Warm up:
10 assisted (or free standing) pistols onto a box per leg

In 10 minutes work up to a moderate deadlift (75%-80% of your 1RM) focus on positioning and speed off the ground

2009 MidWest Crossfit Regional Workout
Deadlift (275#/185#)
CTB Pullups

Poster at St. Jude Children's Research HospitalCrossFit for Hopesupports research and treatment for catastrophic children's illnesses.

The affiliate that fundraises the most money through CrossFit For Hope by June 24th will have its affiliate fees waived for five years or will receive a luxury suite and 18 tickets to the CrossFit Games in July. The choice is theirs. Video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

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  • VAS

    10 assisted (or free standing) pistols onto a box per leg
    Pick an appropriate size box and position it 1.5 feet away from a pole. Stand with your right leg in between the pole and the box. Make sure the pole, your right foot, and the box make a single straight line.
    Keeping your left leg in the air, use the pole for balance as your squat down and sit on the box. On the way up, make sure you are pressing through the heel. Use the pole only to pull yourself forward, not up. Each time you squat up, try to rely less on the pole.
    Repeat for the other leg, for a total of 10 with each leg. If you can already do pistols, then don’t use the pole; use a low box (or a small slam ball) and perform all 10 with one leg before switching to the other.

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