Monday, March 1. 2010

CrossFit ATL 4581Leah Polaski, Fittest Woman in Georgia

CrossFit ATL 4580 (2)Ken Gall, Fittest Man in Georgia

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An absolutely amazing 2 days at Stone Mountain this weekend in the 2010 CrossFit Games Sectional Qualifier.  7 athletes from CrossFit Atlanta qualified for the Regionals competition in Jacksonville, FL May 28-30.  In order of finish they were for the men: Ken Gall-1st place, Jonathan Horowitz-2nd place, Rob Miller-6th place, and Mike Krueger-14th place.  Also competing and doing well were Ian Mosher-23rd, Chris Alberts-28th,

For the women: Leah Polaski-1st place, Bethanie Harsh-2nd place, Leah Anderson-12th place.  Also competing and doing well were Whitney Hugulet-20th, Margaret Redman-22nd, and Kulsoom Abdullah-24th.

    "The final score is not the 'final score.'  There is nothing wrong with the other person or team being better than you are, as long as you do everything possible to prepare for the challenge ahead.  The score can never make you a loser if
you have done your best."– John Wooden

CF ATL also had two teams entered in the Affiliate Team competition and they all had a blast.  The evolution of CrossFit & the CrossFit Games is amazing to watch and contemplate.  This year's Georgia Sectionals were a much larger event than the original CrossFit Games in 2007.  Who knows where we'll be in another 4 years. 

Hundreds of pictures from Day 2 have been uploaded to CrossFit Atlanta's FlickR page.  If you see something you want hi res versions will be uploaded also to computer at the gym and you can email them to yourself or download to a thumb drive.

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  • Steve

    Great job everyone! I also took a lot of pictures on Saturday and Sunday and posted them as unlisted Picasa albums (e.g. to find them, you need these links). I got some good shots of everyone from CFATL competing in the individual events. Hopefully the blog software won’t break these links. If anyone sees a photo they’d like, email me at steve at steveco dot org and I’ll fish up the high res version and email it to you.
    CTATL teams in the Saturday event:
    CFATL men in the Saturday chipper event (Jackhammer):
    CFATL women in the Saturday chipper. Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out of juice, so I only got Leah P and Leah A’s heat.
    CFATL men and women in the 1 rep max overhead event on Sunday morning:
    CFATL men in the Sunday afternoon event (ground & pound):
    CFATL women in the Sunday afternoon event:

  • Andy L

    Congratulations CFA, way to bring it!! Great pics, btw.

  • Jonathan H CFATL

    Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend to compete, judge, volunteer, and support. We definitely had one of the best crews out there, and I think we can safely say people will know what to expect next time they hear the name CrossFit Atlanta.
    I am super proud especially of everyone who competed for the first time. You are all assets to our gym and you did us proud!
    Paleo Challenge officially starts today, so say bye bye to dairy and get ready for a solid 30 days of eating your way to looking, feeling, and performing better.

  • MikeG_CFATL

    Congratulations to our individual competitors, qualifiers, and top finishers.
    I really want to congratulate our affiliate teams. We had a lot of new CrossFit athletes on our teams and they gave it everything they had. Thank you all for representing CFATL out there.

  • Suzanne

    You guys are awesome! Congratulations to everyone that participated.
    Miss the gym SO much. Hope to be back very soon.

  • Steve

    Very fun, but I’ve got to say, the WOD for day 2 could only be described as “diabolical”. I’m used to having people yell “don’t rest!” at me when I’m at the gym, but when four people are ALSO holding 267 pounds worth of kettlebells above their knees while waiting for you to finish your leg of the relay it gives you an extra incentive to keep pushing. Robert, Marshall, Richard, Stephanie, and Kylie — thanks for not clubbing me with a one pood kettlebell at the end of those hatemakers.

  • Walter

    Congratulations guys! Strong work, strong work!

  • Matthew Queen

    I would just like to say that I am proud to have competed with such fine athletes this weekend. I was killing myself to keep up with everyone else. Todd’s squat cleans were fast, Adam was the man with the kettlebells, Stowe and Laura worked so hard it made me hurt just to watch it, and Adrian’s pull ups were second to none.
    After some reflection, I have decided that hate makers are stupid. I think they’re stupid because I’m not good at them and they hurt. Like a 400 meter lunge.

  • Jason

    Incredible job this weekend CFAtl! The event was so well represented. Regionals are going to be bananas!

  • Marshall Jones

    I have to say after attending the Sections this weekend I was very impressed with all the athletes. Its amazing to see the things people can do. I have to comment on some of the exceptional things I saw this weekend. I saw a man with no hands or feet compete on the same level as the able bodied, I saw a man two or three times my age do things I can’t currently do, I saw a man with a prosthetic find a way to do Wall Balls, GHD Sit ups and Lunges. I saw hundreds of athletes push themselves to the limits, wait a few hours and push themselves to the limits all over again. Congratulations to all the CFATL athletes it was an impressive showing.
    Overall it was a great experience to see the CFATL community come out and support each other, and the bottom line after this weekend’s experience, is that I need to complain a little less (Probably won’t happen :-)) and I need to push a little harder, after a few recovery days…

  • Adrian Mejia

    I just want to thank and congratulate CFATL athletes for such an incredible weekend of just kicking ass and give it your all. Everyone was impressive and we definitely showed some great competitive spirit. Good Times!

  • Jeff

    I think that qualifies as domination. Great work guys.
    P.S. In recognition of CFAtl’s performance this weekend, I threw down a sub-8 Helen this morning. Pumped!

  • Bethanie

    I had a great time and especially enjoyed seeing our teams out there having fun/being tortured!! Many of you are new to crossfit and you went out there and made it look like you had been doing it for years. I am truly, very proud.
    Thanks to all of you for making CFATL what it is!

  • Ken

    Congrats to all! Finally all that worrying paid off for “Bethany”.

  • Leah P

    first, let me apologize in advance that i have been having a super sappy, sentimental last day or 2 (not sure what’s gotten into me, but guess i’ll just roll with it)…
    this weekend made me so proud to be a part of our gym! between our individual competitors that tore it up this weekend, to our 2 teams that killed the BRUTAL team wods, to all the people that came out to support everyone competing, to our trainers that helped judge, to Mike G and Dan that organized the whole thing, to the trainers that make us all better day in and day out, to all the members that give it everything they have when they come into the gym, i couldn’t have asked for a better group to be associated with!
    as i already have mentioned to some of you, when i walked in to CFATL back in may, having no clue what crossfit was or what i was getting into, i never thought i would meet such amazing people, ridiculous athletes and awesome friends. you guys are the reason our gym is so great, and i’m so glad to be a part of it.
    and, i promise to lay off the vomit inducing sentimentality starting now 🙂 love you all!

  • MoMo

    Marshall: It’s official, from the sound of this message, I see that you have caught the crossfit bug and that you are drinking the kool-aid. WELCOME. I can attest that the transition from an average level of fitness toward elite fitness is painful, but it’s well worth it. You will be fire-breather in no time. After all, being a fire-breather is marked by the level of your intensity, which determines the level of your result. Bring it. Thanks for all your support and encouragement this weekend. You and Lori are new favorites of mine 🙂 Not that my opinion matters even a little!!!

  • Pat K

    I only joined CFATL in December. This weekend while wathing the competitions (as a medical volunteer), I couldn’t help but think, “Did I ever pick the best Cross Fit affiliate to join or what?”.
    I was so pumped from watching the sections, I even showed up for an 8am WOD (took today off).
    It was great to see so many excellent athletes giving it their all and to see and experience the CF community. I’ve never been to a event where EVERYONE ate so healthy!!!
    Congratulations again to everyone!!!! Well done.
    CFATL Rocks!!

  • Chandler Alford

    The two CFATL teams definitely gave everyone a run for their money. Also, I was pleasantly surprised at the individuals who competed for the teams. You guys and gals have come a ways since you first walked into the gym. Excellent job overall!
    Ken G, Jonathan, Leah A, Leah P, Mike K, KBA, MoMo: you guys and gals rock! Everyone at Regionals is going to say, “What on Earth is CFATL feeding their athletes?!”

  • RobertA

    Chandler…to answer your questions we are all eating strict Paleo with no processed foods, dairy, sugars…etc:)
    I will second and third everyone’s comments above. I was only able to hang out for bit other than doing the team events because my son was in town for the wkend but I can honestly say the Crossfit Athletes are some of the most determined and inspirational ppl/athletes ive ever been around. It was truely an eye opening experience and motivation for me to step up my diet and workouts.
    MoMo…how do i become a new favorite of yours to:)?
    Congrats again to all that competed! Ive been wearing my CFATL hoodie everywhere and telling ppl my name is Ken G.

  • Laura

    my name is Ken G, too

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