Monday, March 16, 2009

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Workout of the Day

Make Up Day.  Make up a missed workout.  Make up your own workout.  Let the trainers make one up just for you.

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  • Margaret

    I plan to punish myself severely in the gym today. Back squats and something else terrible.

  • Charlie_CFATL

    I love make up your own workout days.

  • Margaret

    My friend at work goes to B2B. The owner’s dog Scout died recently, and they did the following workout in Scout’s honor:
    7rds for time of
    5 burpees
    10 GHD’s
    15 OHS with PVC
    I think I’ll do this tonight, in honor of Scout and all the precious doggies we have lost…

  • Bethanie

    Margaret…I’m so happy you will be back in tonight!!
    On a different note: Mike took me to shoot guns for the first time on Sat. Here is a video, I apologize for the profanity. Me + Guns = dangerous.

  • roy

    nice bethanie,….dont get no better than a hot chick puttin rounds downrange…hooah gunpowder and lead

  • Margaret

    Thanks, B. Can’t wait to see you. For your entertainment, I thought I should share that I just sneezed, and as a result, the button on my hand made jacket flew accross the room. I can’t find the button, and now I am searching for a safety pin so I don’t show my belly-button ring at the office. That was one powerful sneeze!

  • VAS

    For those with free time, here’s last Thursday’s Daily Show episode

  • Margaret

    BIG NEWS: AWESOME AMBER JUST MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST ROUND OF TRY OUTS FOR “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!” I am so proud of her, as we all should be!! She dances again tonight, to make it through to the next round, and this next dance wi11 dictate whether or not she gets to do her solo. Good luck Amber!!! I speak for everyone at the gym when I say we are all behind you. (Please, nothing perverted here, boys.)

  • Laura

    Go Amber go!!!
    Here are the details for Paintball. It will be on Sunday April 12th in the morning from 10am-2pm. We will be done around 2pm so those of you with family in town can do Easter stuff with them for dinner. Those of us with no family in town will then find a bar and have a cocktail or two and nurse our wounds. (much better than Easter last year where I ran 12 miles, gross). To play, you must sign a waiver and give me $30 by March 25th. You can also give it to Bethanie to give to me, or rugby players can give to Mike Aaron. Waivers are in the cubbie shelf near the door of the gym or print one out online from the Nitro website.
    My co-workers kid plays at Nitro and he said that we can buy extra paint at walmart for cheaper than they sell it for. I will double check with Nitro and try to pick some up. We need at least 20 players, so let me know ASAP that you are in so that I can confirm our reservation and let them know we have enough players.

  • Jonathan H CFATL

    Congrats Amber! Way to use that best ass at cfatl to dance your way into the hearts of the judges.
    Did the workout from Sat, it sucked ass.
    5 rds
    9 reps 155# hang squat cleans
    3 legless rope climbs
    I did it Rx up until my last set of rope climbs, and had to use my legs on the last two climbs. I also had to clamp on with my legs while reaching for the bar on a couple reps of the last two rounds. An extremely rough workout, my quads are no longer allowing me to go up sets of stairs.

  • Laura

    holy mother, did you see tomorrow’s WOD? Thank GOD I have a happy hour that I can not miss.

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