Monday, May 31, 2010

CrossFitAtlanta 189 (2)
Mike G takes 3rd at Regionals and qualifies for California!  Team CF ATL took 4th and also qualified.  More details below.

Workout of the Day

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

CrossFit North Atlanta finished very strong, took 6th place, and also qualified for the Games.  Our hearts and love go out to two of our very best athletes, Leah P. and Ken G., who gave their absolute best effort, both in preparation and on the day, but failed to advance past this brutally competitive stage.  In a heartbreaking result, Leah finished in a tie for the 4th and last female qualifying spot, but lost out on the tie breaker to fellow Atlantan Laura DeMarco.  Ken finished a very respectable 8th.  Overall, Atlanta and Georgia performed extraordinarily well.  CrossFit Decatur finished in 9th, one place out of qualifying  On the men's side Brandon Phillips finished 2nd, and Shana Alverson finished 3rd, so that Atlanta area folks took 3 of the top 5 places on the women's side, and 2 of 4 on the men's side.  There was so much excitement, so much drama, so much heartache, so many highs and lows, that we will be talking about this weekend around the gym for a long time

When you work so hard, and come so close, it's sometimes difficult not to fall into the trap of thinking that success and failure, or your worth as a person, are defined by outcomes and place scores.  They are indeed one measure of success, but never the most important.  In events like these, and in much else, too many things that affect outcomes are beyond your control, not least of which is the performance of other competitors.  The truest measure of success is whether you have done the best you are capable of, and all of the competitors deserve our praise for having done their best.  Making the journey, the effort–that's what it is really all about.

Some quotes from my favorite coaches, John Wooden & Vince Lombardi:

"The final score is not the 'final score.' There is nothing wrong with the other person or team being better than you are, as long as you do everything possible to prepare for the challenge ahead.  The score can never make you a loser if you have done your best."
"I know you can’t be perfect.  No one is perfect.  But making the effort to be perfect, trying as hard as you can, that is what life is all about."
"The will to excel and the
will to win, they endure. They are
more important than any events which occasion them"

Finally, it's Memorial Day, and time to reflect upon and be grateful for the sacrifices of those who have fought and died for this great country.

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  • Steve

    Congratulations, Mike! And congrats Brandon, Jonathon, Brent, Leah, Whitney, and Bethanie! Nice work!

  • Andy L

    I’m proud of you all. I’ve nothing but respect for all our athletes who showed up and gave their all – truly inspiring.

  • Nancy Oe

    All of you who competed did CF ATL proud!!! Those were some brutal workouts and you 8 gave it everything – and more! – great results against top notch competitors.

  • Dave Hodges

    Awesome stuff, guys!

  • Danya Levine

    You are all my heroes- Amazing people with more heart and strength than anyone I have ever met. You should all be very proud


    Great work everyone and congrats to MikeG and CFATL!!!
    What makes the CFATL accomplishment that much more impressive is they did it short-handed! On Wednesday I had an unfortunate accident and hurt my foot. I was not able to walk or stand on it for three days, competing was out of the question.
    So they were able to pull off what they did with only two guys. It was really hard on me not being there to support the team and be a part of it all. But in the end everything worked out.
    Great job!!!!!!

  • Walter

    Strong work CFATLiens! Strong work! You guys are all amazing athletes!

  • Pat K

    Awesome guys!!! Congratulations.

  • kba_cfatl

    Congrats and good job to those who trained and/or competed


    Tomorrow at 6:30 AM we will have the first Paleo Challenge informational session. We will discuss the basics of the Paleo Diet and The Zone. These are the diets that our top tier athletes are following!
    This will be an introduction to the diets and also a good refresher for those that already know the basics. We will try to keep it brief.
    Everyone is welcome regardless if you are participating in the Paleo Challenge or not. Or course we want everyone’s participation!!!

  • Dave Hodges

    To-day’s WOD:
    185 x 5
    205 x 5
    215 x 5
    220 x 3 [FAIL]
    215 x 2 [FAIL!]
    185 x 5

  • Ken

    Thanks for the post Dan.
    Congrats to Mike G, you worked so hard this past year, and it showed this weekend. You made it happen.
    Congrats to the team, you five gave a beat-down even though you suffered a few fallen soldiers (Brent and Bobby). Awesome work out there.
    Leah P. You fought an amazing battle. I know you are as disappointed as me in our final places, but you gave everything out there. It was inspiring to watch.

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