Saturday, April 24, 2010

CrossFit ATL 4583Jumping around

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Happy Birthday yesterday to Sergia!  The 6 AM crew organized a fantastic surprise party that included party hats, Beth on ukulele, Nancy cooking a paleo breakfast, & mimosas.  This crew's motto is "Never too early to party" or perhaps "Usque ad mortem bibendum"

From the Department of Silly Bullshit, "3 Minute Legs"

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  • peterbassi

    Did Fight Gone Bad this morning. Scaled the SDHPs and PPs to 53lbs and did step-ups instead of jumping for the box jumps. Took my time with the SDHPs to make sure my form stayed in check. Ended with a 307.

  • Laura

    OMG so good to be back at the gym after two weeks. As punishment for missing so much time Stephanie made me do Filthy Fifty today. It was like all of the WODs I should have done over the past 2 weeks rolled into one. I think I may feel it tomorrow. Stephanie may be shorter and lighter than me, but MAN that chick wears the pants.

  • Laura

    so funny!

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