Saturday, April 3, 2010

CrossFit ATL 4581 (1)Kurt v. Yak in Fran.  Old age and treachery beat youth and skill once again.

Workout of the Day

Thruster 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

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We have two tickets to Monday's practice round at the Masters Golf Tournament.  They will go to the highest bidder.  Proceeds will go toward expenses of CF ATL's team travel to Jacksonville for the Affiliate qualifying competition.  Place your bid in the comments section.  Bidding closes out Sunday at 6 PM.

In other news, Mike & Lauren R. have been with us almost 3 years now.  Here's what Mike had to say yesterday in the comments:

Lauren and I have been doing Crossfit for
almost 3 years (we think April 4th 2007) and I cannot express how much I
have enjoyed everyone and everything about the experience. Made some
good friends, been destroyed by some great workouts, have fluctuated
like Oprah (not from Crossfit but from my lovely choice to have numerous
cheat days and have a few diet meals during the week – and beer) But I
do have to say that when we started, I was hooked from the beginning
and have never looked back. Thanks to Mike G and Dan for everything.
Good trainers past and present. Right now, I have on a consistent
basis, Bethanie, Brandon and Jason to thank for keeping on me about form
and hustle, and George for reminding me to take a bath every once and
awhile otherwise he is slobbering all over me. And if case you were
wondering…my new nemsesis is officially Kurt. Peter, you will be
missed and you were close to being named my nemisis. Others may include
Fred because he never shows up and Ken because I like to aim high and
try not to double his times…or possibly triple his times. Nuff
said…Crossfit ATL brings the fun

It has been a joy to have you guys in the gym.

Singing 'rewires' damaged brain by Victoria Gill,
BBC News.

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