Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jackson James Simons, born Wednesday.

Workout of the Day

Hang power clean and jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Jonathan credits his "toe shoes" in helping him gain a spot on the leaderboard in "Nancy"

CrossFit ATL 2611

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  • Jonathan H CFATL

    Congrats to Erin and Derek!

  • Bethanie

    Volleyball this afternoon at tech’s sand courts. Give me a call so I can give you Jason’s number so he can tell you where to go…

  • Ken

    Erin and Derek – congrats!
    Amber – glad i made the day enjoyable…I think Kurt was less pleased when I changed outside while he was still doing OHS…
    3 rounds
    4 HSPU, 8 CTB pullups, 12 185# Deadlift, 16 20″ box jump
    Hang power clean and Jerk

  • Laura

    made up Nancy today as I missed it yesterday. I PRed by 2.5 minutes and re-took the second spot on the board. finished in 18:30 RX

  • Rob M

    3:46 in the same workout as Ken.

  • drunken

    I want to say thanks to Dan for having me this weekend. Thanks to Ian for the nutritional advice, thanks to Jason for the help with my cleans. Email me when you come back to town [email protected] and you can come by my gym and get a workout. Thanks to Ken for the advice on how to prep for my qualifier. Sorry to Rob for not pushing him in Nancy I felt like shit. And good luck to all of you at your qualifier!!! You all have a great facility and you have great, welcoming people.

  • drunken

    and im not really sure why my screen name on here is drunken??? its Brandon.

  • Rob M

    Haha, drunken. That’s funny. It was good to have you Brandon, best of luck at quals as well.

  • VAS

    Hang Power Clean and Jerk
    100kg, failed at 105

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