Saturday, August 15, 2009

CrossFit ATL 3774 (1) Mike R. goes heavy on the front squat

Workout of the Day

100m lunge steps with empty bar overhead.  20 kg men, 15 kg women.

Followed by removal of fallen tree from parking lot.
CrossFit ATL 3775
After closing at 1 PM, we will adjourn to the river.
CrossFit ATL 3776

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  • Bethanie

    I’ll be at the hooch…

  • Margaret

    Me too. If anyone wants to carpool, I’m in. I have to ride my friend Jere’s horse, but then I’ll come by the gym to change and figure out how to get there…

  • Ken

    Bodyweight: 88 kg (194 lb)
    132 kg (290 lb) DL
    88 kg (194 lb) BP
    66 kg (145 lb) PC
    20:53 (pr)
    I finally feel like i did decent on that terrible workout….

  • Steve

    3×5 front squats — 70(5), 72(5), 75(4)
    Dan, great pitch that throwing pieces of wood over the fence is all part of the unknown and unknowable of Crossfit
    Ken, on your Linda performance today, all I can say is “wow!”

  • kba_cfatl

    OHS 65#

  • Laura

    crap! I missed you at the hooch today. the park at the hooch has grills, so next time we do this I am happy to bring charcoal, bubba burgers, etc and we can make a picnic of it. Let’s plan for the next one and I will get organized.

  • VAS

    Wow what a fun day at the river! I hope everyone got home safe, especially you Dan.

  • CrossFit Atlanta

    I made it!

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