Saturday, February 7, 2009

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Pajamas make really good workout clothes.

Workout of the Day

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Row 250 meters
Sumo deadlift highpull 95 pounds, 21 reps
Pull-ups 15 reps

Rugby today: UGA Women v. GT Women, 11 AM, Kennesaw State Men v. GT Men, 1 PM.  All at the Fabulous Burger Bowl

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  • DHall(new and improved)

    Yo Dan is the circus in town and now training at CFATL? That clown on the weight rack looks kinda familiar….

  • Bethanie

    I don’t mean to take away from supporting the rugby women, but it’s such a nice day and i’m finally recovered enough to get back on the volleyball court that I can’t pass up the opportunity.
    Piedmont park volleyball courts at 1. Bring blankets, chairs, booze, snacks, etc. You do NOT need to be a good volleyball player or ever have played before… I am 6 months out of practice and have only played for about 2 month of my life, recreational…it’s just fun. Gimme a call. 949 637 4622

  • Rob M

    5 rounds plus a small amount of rowing today.

  • kba_cfatl

    4 rounds as Rx
    Good job DHall and Derek. DHall you need to file your calluses and get over this phase.

  • DHall(new and improved)

    Yes Mom… Pull ups are so overrated..I choose to hate them this month….

  • Jonathan H CFATL

    Anyone interested is welcome to meet me and some friends out at Cosmolava tonight. Free admission before 11 if you rsvp on their website.

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