Saturday, January 17, 2009

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CrossFit Atlanta 1987
Heidi & Sam learn new tortures on the GHD.

Workout of the Day

Run 10 K

Post time to comments.

Have you used GMaps Pedometer?  Great for setting run routes.

We are closed today, Saturday, for a seminar.  Please go to one of
the other local affiliates (except BTB Poncey-Highlands, they are
closed for a seminar also).

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  • Laura

    There is no longer any skin on my hands from yesterday’s WOD. Wow it kicked my butt. My time was 45:?? can’t remember the seconds due to the overwhelming feeling of wanting to puke when they called my time. Wow, I love this gym.

  • Bethanie

    I’m a good roomie and remember your time: 49:45. Good work on finishing all of those thrusters RXed!

  • Laura

    you are also a good roomie because you carried the trash can around from the GHD machine, to the Thrusters, to the pull up bars in case I really did puke. BUT, you only remember my time because you beat me and you will spend the rest of the weekend reminding me about it. just kidding, you are the best.

  • Bethanie

    went with a friend to Emory’s weight room today. Did clean and jerks… 1RM 50kg (3kg pr). I was able to successfully clean 55 but failed the jerk. Shoulders fried from yesterday’s pull ups. I think with fresh shoulders I could “PR like wow”. Then we played racquetball for a while, good fun.

  • Amber Thompson

    my upper body is fried from yesterday! 33:06 was my time, im pretty happy bc i did everything RX. Bethanie helped me keep goin with this workout, thanks girl!

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