Saturday, June 27, 2009

CrossFit ATL 3129 Anna

We are closed to the public today and tomorrow, June 27-28.

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  • Stephanie E

    Any and all-
    I’m organizing a hooch shooting trip tomorrow. Anyone who wants to come please do! I’d like to be on the river by one for us old people who have to work on Monday. I’m taking an inventory of the rafts that my friends have today, but just to be safe you may want to bring your own. I’ll also be buying beer, but again, depending how much you drink, you can pitch in! Please call/email me if you want to go so I can get an idea of how many people. We’d probably leave downtown around 11:30 to get up to the parking spot, blow up rafts, and get a second car to the pick up point, etc.
    [email protected]
    and I think phone numbers are frowned upon here…but bethanie, rob, laura and marie at least have my number

  • VAS

    What’s hooch shooting?

  • Jonathan H CFATL

    This morning at CFNA:
    3 rounds for time
    8 push jerks, 155#
    12 CTB pull ups
    100 ft tire flip
    8:23 Rx
    As for Crossfit Atl Dodgeball, I will be setting up a facebook group and sending out invitations to everyone at CFATL that I’m friends with, but will also be posting the link on here. I’m going to wait to form the team until we have the required numbers, so the sooner everyone responds the better. More details to follow.
    Also, we’re going to need a team name and the two suggestions that we have so far are “Forging Elite Dodgeball” and “Crossballs”. Brainstorm people, get on it.

  • Outlaw

    Traveling down the Chattahoochee River aboard a buoyant vehicle (i.e., canoe, kayak, raft, etc.).

  • CrossFit Atlanta

    I have two kayaks and a canoe. Let’s do this.

  • Stephanie E

    taking ak-47’s to whores

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