Saturday, May 23, 2009

CrossFit ATL 3109 What up dog?

Workout of the Day

Make Up Day:  Make up a missed workout.  Make up your own workout.  Or try this:

Maximum set of pull-ups
Rest 3-5 minutes
Maximum set of push-ups
Rest 3-5 minutes
Maximum set of sit-ups
Rest 3-5 minutes
Maximum set of squats

Post totals in comments


Any rep on any movement that is less than full range of motion and you are done for that movement.

On pull-ups you may rest hanging with your entire weight on the bar, either two handed or one handed, but you're done as soon as you take any of your weight off the bar.

On push-ups, you may rest in the plank position off the ground, on your hands-not elbows.    Any resting on the ground and you're done.  Jackknife out of the plank position and you're done.  Limit is 100.  If you get to 100, you're done

On sit-ups any stoppage of movement and you're done.
Limit is 200.  If you get to 200, you're done.

On squats any stoppage of movement and you're done.
Limit is 300.  If you get to 300 you're done.

CrossFit's gymnastics guru, Jeff Tucker, talks about the gymnastic kip (swinging kip) in this CrossFit Journal preview [mov] [wmv].  The full movie clip also includes a muscle-up progression.  For the full clip, and access to all back issues and all movie clips, subscribe to the Journal.

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  • Ken

    Yes, indeed, another Bethanie victory. Still not as humiliating as the head to head beat down I received on the GHD-BE wod. I still have nightmares about that one. As far as the over serving, I invented that trick.
    Vas, Rob worked you on 30 muscle ups – aren’t you a gymnast?
    Sorry ladies, Kurt is out of town this weekend….and Marie is right, he is, in fact, still recovering from the last outing…

  • Ken

    Brent let me know how you do on michael with the DLs subbed in. I thought it was a great workout. Add GHD’s and it be real tough…

  • kba_cfatl

    Don’t you only have to mount (muscle up) the rings once to do your routine as a gymnast where the routine is harder than the mount?

  • Laura

    wow, the Twins rocked my world today. I finally moved off the parallel bars for HSPU and did negatives instead (baby steps), and subbed kipping pull ups and knees to elbows for the L-pull ups, but did the thrusters RX at 80 pounds. So tired now and my arms are about to fall off.
    in other news, I am getting a little better at jump rope every day since I put that in my warm up instead of row. Still not a rock star on the jump rope, but progress.

  • Brian

    Can anyone tell me if the Basic Barbell Cert is actually sold out or if there is openings? has it listed as sold out, but will allow you to register and your site does not show sold out. Any help is appreciated.

  • Amber Thompson

    did not get a chance to post yesterday, i did the twins workout, it sucked!!! i went heavy (for me)35k on thrusters and did kipping L pullups and kipping headstand pushups, my time was 35:39. i was shocked i stuck with that weight, i almost cried!! thanks to Margaret, Brent, and suzzane i got through it. I love all the support we give each other, everyone kicks ass at CFATL!

  • VAS

    3:38 is indeed very fast. It’ll be a while before I can challenge that time.

  • VAS

    Did 4 x [400m, 50 squats]
    Steve pointed out that the video qualifiers page for the games got updated. Time to start making plans for next saturday. Who has a camera and knows how to upload videos to YouTube? With the number of people wanting to submit video, we’ll need more than 1 camera.

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