Saturday, May 29, 2009

IMG_2992 Brent has a new nickname: "Slimmie"

Workout of the Day


Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Post time to comments.

At least 3 people got their 1st muscle ups yesterday!  Congratulations Heidi, Andrew, & Chris!


We are closed this weekend in order to host the CrossFit Barbell
Certification Seminar.  Please go visit one or more of our friendly
nearby CrossFit Affiliates.

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  • Rob M

    Did Kelly at CrossFit Rx: 25:50

  • peterbassi

    Walked 2k from the Arts Center Marta station to the Piedmont Park Prado entrance (got a little lost), ran what Google says is 5.4k in the park, then walked back to the Marta. Gorgeous day today!

  • Outlaw

    OK, something has to give. I’m ripping at an alarming rate and it’s aversely affecting the intensity of my workouts. About three weeks ago I ripped 8x during one WOD. Today while doing Workout 3 from the NE Regional Qualifiers I ripped 5x.
    I’ve been taking care of my hands – shaving calluses, removing excess dry skin with a pumice stone while showering, etc.
    What else could/should I do to reduce my rip frequency?

  • Steve

    There is a four part article on hand care at the Crossfit Virtuosity site; here is the first of the four (links to the rest are in this article):
    Bottom line is there are three approaches:
    1. Hand maintenance (which you are already doing)
    2. Better taping/chalking technique (see articles linked)
    3. If some of the rips are on your palms, just below the finger joints, you can learn to grip the pullup bar a little higher up your fingers. When you overgrip the bar, you get more wear and tear on your hands (more rotation on the bar), especially if you are kipping hard.
    For me, it was a combination of all three. I ripped a lot of calluses off last year, but knock on wood, none yet this year.

  • Nick C

    Out Law:
    I have not ripped in about 8 months until the regional qualifiers and today
    My hands look like shit tonight and damn the shower hurt like hell. Sometimes there is a price to pay for kicking ass! Great Job today, hope to see you back at the gym tomorrow.
    That goes for everyone at CFA…you are all welcome to come workout tomorrow.
    My hours- 9am-12pm (Doors close at 12) Workouts start every 30 min with 9am being the first class. 8:45 warm up . to get directions go to my website do not key my address into google or you will go to the wrong place.
    Dan: Sorry I did not come party tonight but I feel like I have been hit my a train.
    You did freaking great today!!!!

  • Nick C

    If you get lost: 678-910-1182

  • VAS

    3 rounds
    10 275# deadlift
    50 double unders

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