Saturday, October 10, 2009

Man Show Try Outs

Workout of the Day

Rest Day at HQ.  Exercise Suprise at the Gym.  Come see what the trainers have cooked up.

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  • kba_cfatl

    Nancy as RX – 26:24
    for OHS, I power cleaned, push jerk, then behind the head jerk.. waste of energy. next time snatch
    1st set unbroken, 2nd set broken into 2, 3rd set unbroken, 4th set broken into 3, 5th set broken into 2. major accomplishment is I did not walk at all on any of the runs
    fastest Nancy 2/9/09 -used a rack 20:47
    27:57- 4/24/2009 it was really hot that day probably did this one other time after that but did not bother to write it down since it was longer than 27 minutes. hopefully I am on the path of having PRs.

  • Jeff

    75# Fran – 6:52 – one second off my previous 65# PR

  • Steve

    Sunday: Fran, Rx, 13:12. Not a great effort, Heidi was giving me good tips throughout, brain was listening, body was not. Also: 20 mi bike ride (to/from gym).

  • kba_cfatl

    Fran Rx 12:20
    1st set thursters ALMOST unbroken, I think I got to 17-18 reps. next time cycle faster. when cycle slows, drop the bar and start again to conserve energy. sit back more and keep posture straight
    no unbroken pullups, but my rests in between were shorter compared to the past attempts
    PR of 5:29 from my last attempt Fran rx.

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