Saturday, October 16, 2010

CF ATL 1578
Kurt's team moves into the lead.

Workout of the Day

Handstand walk 100 meters

If you fall, restart at the point of contact furthest from the finish.

We are pleased to announce that the often out of order toilet in the ladies area has been replaced by an American Standard "Champion 4" toilet, the King of flush, capable of flushing 29 golf balls in independent lab tests.

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  • Richard Zapata

    Whaa?! A Champion 4?! I may have take that bad boy for a trial run. Sorry Ladies 🙂

  • Ayeong

    Things that makes me go HMmmmmm…… golf balls and ladies’ toilet ……

  • Ayeong

    Things that make me go Hmmmmmm ….. Ladies’ loo and golf balls …….

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