Sunday, April 4, 2010

Photo(2)Several folks showed up to help Peter load up for his move back home to Va. Beach.  It was great having you here, and we'll miss you Peter.  Good luck brother.

Workout of the Day


We are closed today for Easter.  However, many of the trainers will at in the gym during the day so check the comments section to see when the gym might be open.

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  • Bethanie

    Happy Easter everyone!!
    I’ve only received two votes for the paleo challenge, please send them to me ASAP!

  • Andy L

    Don’t even think about voting for that full marathon running playboy, Ryan. With his photoshoped muscles. I mean he’s barely even smiling in that picture. I’m smiling, I ran 1/2 a marathon and I need votes too! My clothes don’t fit anymore. I need $$ for new pants.
    Happy Easter everyone!

  • MikeG_CFATL

    haha! pretty funny, Andy.
    I’ll be at the gym at 12pm-1pm, filling up sandbags. So, if you want to get a workout in…come on in.

  • Steve

    12 mile run this morning. After 3RM thrusters and sled drags yesterday, I wasn’t really feeling it today.
    @Bethanie — I’ve been checking the forum to see whom else is going to post their after stats before I vote. And to give folks like Andy plenty of time to try and sway my vote.

  • Danya Levine

    wow.. that’s a moving company any woman would be smart to hire.. I think you guys need to go into business.. hey just wanted to say in doing my homework last night I stumbled on to the videos of the Georgia sectionals .. WHOA Leah P and Bethanie are my heroes !!! You girls Rocked!!! I hope I can one day be 1/10th as strong as you both are !!

  • Nancy E

    Bethanie, what time tomorrow are the votes due? We’re pretty torn about who to vote for, and are waiting for bribes, er, I mean clarity.

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