Sunday, January 10, 2010

CrossFit ATL 4359L Sit Face Off

Workout of the Day

For Time: 10-20-30 reps of

Deadlift (60% 1 rep max)
Knee To Elbow

Do you get dizzy after a heavy deadlift?

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  • Laura

    Fun WODs to try:
    Saturday’s team chipper WOD at the B2B challenge:
    max reps in 3 minutes per exercise, then 15 seconds to move to the next exercise. add up your reps to determine your score.
    box jumps
    row (count calories)
    kettle bell swings (women’s were 35lbs)
    deadlifts (women’s were 155lbs, I think)
    two team members could go at a time and switch out team members as needed, all team members did burpees on the last round.
    Today I am doing this chipper:
    100 squats
    90 jump rope
    80 push up
    70 sit up
    60 jumping pull up
    50 thruster
    40 super man
    30 box jump
    20 deadlifts
    10 handstand push up

  • Jeff

    Back Squat
    85 kg, 90, 90, 90 (2), 70
    90 is a new 3 rep pr, but a lingering ski injury had my hip hurting pretty bad by the fourth set.
    It was great to see everyone this weekend. I hope I can make it back some time soon. Keep up the good work.

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