Sunday, October 25, 2009

CrossFit ATL 4182 "Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz."

Workout of the Day


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

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  • Marie_CFATL

    Alright- who put my ass as the desktop on the computer at the entrance?

  • Ken

    Looks like my Helen time is destined to be 7:40…I do think we should start doing it with the new straight course. it is a bit faster in terms of less turns, but it is the appropriate length. The loop is short.
    For those of you who worry about PRing every time have a look at my last three helen times. Sometimes if you can maintain (and not lose ground) on some wods while improving on other, it is still a win. For me Helen is one of those WODs where I started pretty good, but have not managed to change that much. Others i was much slower and improved more (like my first filthy 50 at 30 minutes, now 18 minutes).
    2007 9:09 (strict pullups – first crossfit WOD)
    2007 8:52 (old gym course)
    2007 8:18 (old gym course)
    2007 8:03 (old gym course)
    2008 9:35 (CTB, 2 pood)
    2008 9:15 (CTB, 2 pood)
    2008 7:41 (new gym loop)
    2008 7:40 (new gym loop)
    2009 8:03 (on track)
    2009 7:41 (new gym straight course)

  • Rob M

    You probably need someone to race. I’d be happy to fill that duty.
    I was curious to see my plot after looking at yours… you’re way too consistent:
    May 2008: 15-16 minutes for 2 rounds (1st WOD)
    June 2008: 12:08
    July 2008: 11:20
    August 2008: 9:58
    October 2008: 9:27
    November 2008: 9:01
    March 2009: 10:07 (CTB)
    April 2009: 7:52
    September 2009: 7:37

  • kba_cfatl

    26:36 Rx
    PR of 1:32 from last Nov 2008

  • VAS

    You don’t bother with the 8minute doamin

  • Sean Pizel

    Tommy V. 26.58. No Legs. Total failure of will after the first round. I kept trying to get everyone to leave so I could quit.
    Could have gone so much faster had I cared less about my the skin on my hands.

  • Sean Pizel

    What’s going on for Halloween?

  • Rob M

    Yeah, apparently I decided to skip it.

  • Ken

    Interesting. We got to the same point, but started very different. I guess it depends on what skills you come in with. I suppose if it was a swim rather than a run the situation would be reversed!

  • mike k

    Ken and Rob thanks for the stats on Helen. you guys have both done Helen a lot. Impressive! I’ve only have had the pleasure of doing Helen a few times. She’s worn me out each time though. I think with a track and a Mahoney to chase you guys could both drop your already very impressive times. we (and anyone else interested) should borrow some kb and hit up a track w/ a pullup bar sometime in the next few weeks. If you know where Brendon’s downhill track is, lets use that one.
    happy belated birthday rob

  • VAS

    5 rounds head to head of 5 tire flips and max chest press with 50lb dumbbells
    28 chest press
    1 mi run
    6:29 – no net change from previous attempt. Pased myself even worse than before. I’ll repeat this soon.

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