CrossFit ATL 3110 Suzanne and Thumbelina after the "Twins" workout.  The workout commemorates the birth of twin sons to CrossFit founders Greg & Lauren Glassman.  The boys have good southern names: Hunter Hamilton & Troy Madison.

Workout of the Day

"The Memorial Day Surprise"

Come in and find out. 

Notice: Memorial Day Hours

Monday May 25, 2009 we will have reduced hours.  We will open at 10 AM
and remain open until 1 PM.  Perhaps there will be a party to follow.

Pictured below are our Russians, Vasiliy & Mariya, demonstrating some sort of circus planche:

CrossFit ATL 3111 

Want to work on your planche?  Read this planche progression

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  • kba_cfatl

    Did max set PU, pushups, SU and squats with 3-5 min rests
    23 pullups 30 pushups 63 sit ups 300 squats
    (but might have had longer pauses/breaks in the middle of the squat reps)

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