Dan MacDougaldOwner and Boss

    Dan is one of 3 coaches in Georgia who have achieved the Level 4 CrossFit Trainer Certification. He is also a USA Weightlifting Club Coach, Pose Method Running Coach, certified Positive Coach (Positive Coaching Alliance), has CrossFit certificates in Aerobic Capacity, Pose Method Running, Olympic Lifting, Barbell Training, Mobility & Recovery, Endurance, Nutrition, and CrossFit Kids, and used to hold coaching certifications offered by USA Rugby. He was an HQ trainer of trainers at CrossFit Level 1 certification seminars in the Southeast from 2006 to 2009. Dan is a 68 year old recovering trial lawyer who has competed in many sports, including football, baseball, cross country, track & field, swimming, wrestling, racquetball, handball, basketball, golf, and rugby (his great love). He was head coach of the Georgia Tech Rugby club from 1993 to 2014.